Hello / 12-7-17

Hello EveryOne
So you decided to come back for some more fun, or did you just figure since the world would not stop and let you off you might as well join the activities? Ya mine is more like the latter. I was looking for the next train station about the moment we started off the back side of the mountain. So you wonder, do I have bad days, heck ya, but I try to take the path that the attitude will make a major difference in the direction things go. Well, nice saying but doesn’t always work. But hey, I survived and so did you and now it is time for us to take on a new day with new opportunities before us. So yesterday is gone and today is before us. Let’s pull on the hikers and take hold out staff and let’s get ready for today’s show. No over stating it, this is a workhorse of a day. We need to work on getting everything headed in the right direction today, Figure out what is needed to resolve any issues and what it will take to finish up those projects that have stalled out, then get it all in place for another day. Yup it’s a big one, so let’s get it together and go get it down. Along the way we will come on those in true need, this is a no brainer, we stop to help in any way we can. And to those close to us, if they reach out we will also assist them as well. So with all that, let’s pack it up and get this train rolling and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Journeyman
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cotton Candy Day
Ferry Floss Day(Great Britain)
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Pearl Harbor Day
International Civil Aviation Day
Letter Writing Day

Primary sources of holidays but not exclusive of:

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