Rowdy Howdy / 2-5-18

Rowdy Howdy Everyone,
So how was the weekend, I hope you had a most enjoyable time in whatever you were able to do. But now is a new day, a new dawn, and new journey a new adventure. Last week and weekend are behind us and now is the time to look forward and see where our future lies, may be, may not be, beyond the Yellow Brick Road, but we will only find out when Saturday Night’s Alright. For now we need to focus on the here and now, we can not change the past, what has happened has happened. We can do nothing about tomorrow as it is not here. But today has been given to us to do much with and it is up to us to use it wisely and efficiently. So as we pull on our hikers and take hold our staff let’s set our mind on the things and the job before us and give it all we’ve got. Along the way we will again come on those in true need, and until there are non left we will stop and help them as much as we can and see them to the next check point. Now let’s get out thoughts together, get our minds in gear and let’s get this day and this week underway and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances
World Nutella Day
National Frozen Yogurt Day
National Chocolate Fondue Day
Great American Pizza Bake Week
Kraut & Frankfurter Week
Adlai Stevenson Day
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day
Shower With A Friend Day
National Weatherman’s [Weatherperson’s] Day
Western Monarch Day
World Nutella Day
World Animal Reiki Day
Children’s Mental Health Week: 5-11
National School Counseling Week: 5-9
International Networking Week: 5-9

Primary sources of holidays but not exclusive of:

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