Many Greetings / Monday 2-12-18

Many Greetings EveryOne,
Oh what a day, what a day, vacations are wonderful things, but then reality hits and you have to return to reality, only cause we over spend and for some reason Micky Mouse rarely gives free passes and free room service. But life is still good, just as the weekend ends and a new week begins, or as one journey ends a new one is always around the corner awaiting us. In any situation what will determine how we make out with it is the attitude we choose to let control us. If we allow a bad attitude, it will only drag us and those around us down and just make life miserable, if we allow a good attitude to take control we will have a brighter outlook on everything and everyone around us. We will see the glass half full not half empty, not that the vacation is over but the next trip is that much closer. So as you get your day and your week going choose an attitude that you would like to be around from others then give it all you’ve got and go for the gusto. Along the way there will be those that life has not been kind to in many ways, stop, lend a hand, some comfort, give some time and help them along there way. Now the mountain is a tall one, but we need to get over it to get to our next destination. So pull on the hikers and lace them up tightly and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Plum Pudding Day
(National PB&J Day)
National Biscotti Day
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
Clean Out Your Computer Day:
Darwin Day: 12
Extraterrestrial Culture Day
Extraterrestrial Visitor Day
National Lost Penny Day
Lincoln’s Birthday
Oglethorpe Day
Paul Bunyan Day: 12 (Born Feb. 12, 1834 in Bangor, ME)
Safety Pup Day

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