Joyous Greetings / Thursday 2-15-18

Joyous Greetings EveryOne,
Good Morning, good morning so nice to see you here. That’s right it is good to see you here, as someone said to me the other day, better to be seen than to be viewed, better to be looking at you on the topside of grass rather then the underside of a headstone. So each time you see someone you care for or love, tell that you are glad and happy to see them, and mean it. Each time you make that effort to appreciate every aspect of life helps make the day go better. And when your day goes better the life and days of those around you get better. A dark attitude will breed a dark environment, an attitude filled with light will always overtake and drive out those who are dark. So take on each day with a smile and a brightness within and see what happens to those around you. Now speaking of sharing that joy, unfortunately there are those who would like to have that sunshine, but life has dealt them a bad hand and they are in true need. Be open to lending a hand, a smile, your time in any way you can to see them to their next point and help spread some brightness into a life that is hurting. Now this is a workhorse of a day before us, so back on with the hikers to get us out of the forest and past the tree line, and be sure to take your staff as you will need if along the way. Now with all that, let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Journeyman
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Gumdrop Day
National Chewing Gum Day
Candlemas Day
Angelman Syndrome Day
Annoy Squidward Day (aka Your Boss)
*National Hippo Day
Remember The Maine Day
Singles Awareness Day
Susan B. Anthony Day
Westminster Dog Show: 15-16
American Assoc. For The Advancement of Science Week: 15-19

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