Prodigious Salutations / Thursday 2-22-18

Prodigious Salutations EveryOne
Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s time to go, go, go, so up, up, up and let’s get at em. This is a day to may hey in every which way we can. So get them sleepy eyes pried open and get those slinky legs underneath you as this is no day to ask the world to stop and let you off. Well you could ask but it ain’t gonna happen so you might as well suck it up and make the most of it. The difference here is you can choose to make the most of what is before you, or you can choose loaf your way through and hope you get something done. Accomplishments are 89% perspiration, 10% inspiration and 1% luck (if you believe in such a thing). The point here is in the majority of issues in life, work, relationships, even our fun, it is what you put into it and giving it all you’ve got vs sitting around waiting for the lightbulb to go on if your lucky for to even go on. So let’s get it together this morning, put a little no let’s put a lot of sunshine in our face and attitude and see just what we can do with this day. It’s not going to happen barefoot, so time to get those hikers on and laced up tight and take hold that staff. Today we are looking to get down and off this mountain and clear the tree line. Along the way we will find those who are in true need, and we will not walk on by or turn our heads away from their needs. We will stop, we will help and we will give of our time as needed to get them to the next point. So now is the time to take it to the line and get this train railing down the hill, and as you do it let make us a most Happy, Happy all, and I mean all day long.
Your Morning Journeyman
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Margarita Day
National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
Be Humble Day
Discover Girl Day
George Washington’s Birthday
Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day
National Chili Day
Tex Avery Day
The Great American Spit Out
Walk Your Dog Day
Woolworth’s Day
World Thinking Day
American Birkenbreiner Race: 22-25

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