Trumpeting Tuesday / 2-27-18

Trumpeting Tuesday EveryOne
Raise your eyelids and get those feet out of that cranial bed its sleeping in. The band is already trying to strike up a tune and all of our hot air is needed to sound right. We made it through yesterday with only a few sour notes and today we plan to sound even better, all while climbing this mountain before us. Many of us want to jump or fast forward through the music, but each step we take is a necessity progression to making this symphony flow and come together in the end. No different in our climb that each step is necessary to get up to the top, over and down the other side. Is it easy? Heck no. Is it life? Absolutely, it is the way we move, the way we learn and the way we get ahead. So let’s get it together and join the band as we lace up the hikers and take hold that staff. Still too many along the way that need our help, so as we come on them we will take the time, to pause the music, reach out and lend a hand and help them on their way. It’s not for our own personal horn tooting that we do it, but to see that another part of humanity is helped along the way. Now time to hear and feel the cadence and get this parade into full stride and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Strawberry Day
National Kahlua Day
National Retro Day
National Polar Bear Day
Spay Day USA
Anosomia Awareness Day
IHOP International Pancake Day
Travel Africa Day
World NGO Day
No Brainer Day

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