Happy Hump Day / 2-28-18

Happy Hump Day EveryOne
Blow the Kazoo, and bang the Bamboozal, give it all you got as this is Hump Day. Now we have got to get up the rest of the way on this side of the mountain before we can stop and play a full tune. But up we will get and up we will go. cause that is the way to the end of the show. Now when we get to the top, remember it is only half way through the day and half way through the week. But we need to do a couple of things while we are there. First we take a look back to see just where we have come from, then turn and check out our future and where we need to be going. And just for kicks while on the top of this hill we will take the time to toot our horns and wing our wangdangles. Then once we have finished we will pack up our gear and off down the other side on our way to the next checkpoint of our week. Fun, well some if it will be, Work? well yes some if it will be, but it will be what we make it come good or bad. Speaking of which, along the way those in great need are still out there in the droves and we have been blessed to be here, so we will reach out and we will give them a hand in whatever we can, as that is what we are here to do. Now lace up them hikers and take hold that staff and and for this last wonderful day in the month of February lets make it the best that we can and go out with a bang and make us a most Happy, Happy, yes a happy to remember.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chocolate Souffle Day
Pink Shirt Day
Floral Design Day
Inconvenience Yourself Da
National Tooth Fairy Day
Rare Disease Day
Public Sleeping Day


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