Warming Greetings / 3-27-18

Warming Greetings EveryOne
Hey, what can I say, winter can not get it’s grubby little fingers out of our spring, so I am thinking more than just warm fuzzy thoughts to try to warm our hearts and attitudes up. I’ve heard a few of you our there have had hearts as cold as old man winter’s frozen pointy fingers. As we journey into day two of this wonderful last week of March, let’s keep looking upward to find the sun and direction to warmer days and places. Let any light we can find fall on our faces and bring a smile that might just be the spark that brings warmth to someone else. Be open to receiving all that is good and sharing it with any and all that come your way. We can control how we feel to a great extent and when we let that radiate from with us it will be caught by others and the light will spread and shine. So as we travel along the path and trails today, be open for those that have fallen on hard times and need an ear, need a hand, just need some encouragement and be that one the reach out and give it, not cause we expect anything in return but because it is our duty to humanity. Now isn’t it time we get those hikers pulled on and laced up, take hold that staff, and make our way to the starting line. Todays journey is all uphill and full of roots, stumps, rocks and pitfalls, but we will stick together and make it to our next checkpoint. Now let’s get it together and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long and spread it where ever we go.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National World Whisky Day (this I can get into)
National Spanish Paella Day
National “Joe” Day
Celebrate Exchange Day
Education and Sharing Day
National Education and Sharing Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
Viagra Day
World Theatre Day
American Diabetes Association Alert Day


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