Wicked Wednesday to you / 3-28-18

Wicked Wednesday to you EveryOne,
And a happy, happy Hump day, and all that a mid week greeting can bring. Yes folks while we were huffing and puffing our way along the trail we have been making some wicked ways up this mountain. By mid-day we will be reaching the top of this giant, we will want to plant that flag and leave our mark that we did make it. But then take the time to look back and appreciate just how far we have come, then turn and make that mental map were you need to go next, then move off the other side of the mountain. The top is not where we are to finish this week or this day. This is only the half way point. So do not loose track of your time at the time and get caught daydreaming your afternoon away and be left looking for camp in the dark. This has been a great week so far, not easy to any extent, but there is much that has been done and much accomplished. But we have so much more that lies before us to explore and to journey through. So make the final climb to the top with vigor and vim and give it all you’ve got, then watch your steps as you begin your decent. Be open to those along the way that are hurting and in need. Stop and listen to what their needs are and help in any way you can and see them onto their next stop. Then return to your ways and and spread whatever light, warmth and wisdom you can along the way. Now get them hikers on and laced up well, take hold your staff and don’t be afraid to use it as needed, and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy through all situations all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Black Forest Cake Day
Something on a Stick Day
Weed Appreciation Day
Barnum & Bailey Day
Virtual Advocacy Day
Whole Grain Sampling Day


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