Amazing Morning / 3-30-18

Amazing Morning EveryOne
Wonderful Wacky greetings to you, it’s time to raise the flags, blow the kazoos, and beat the bamboozlers. It’s time to get up, rattle the brains and shake those booties, it a wonderful day to be Friday, all day long. Now first we must do is to take those dear hikers and toss them to the back of the closet as far as you can, put away that staff in the umbrella stand as we will have no need for it today. Then dig out them sprinters and clean out the grippers, pull them on quickly and lace them up neatly. We have a race to run that will take us all day, but when we get to the end we can say let the party begin. Yes folks this is the day we have been waiting for, the day we started out but five ago to get to and we have arrived at the start of this glorious day. Now there’s no time to snooze or take a cat nap along the way. No time to sit back and waste time on our hands, and sitting and rocking like there’s nothing to loose is nothing to choose on a day like today. So think twice what you carry, be light as you can, and make like a bee line to the start so we can finish with style. Now just cause it’s Friday don’t think we can pass any parties along the side that might need our hand and our time. We still have a responsibility to help out where we can, and offer whatever we can to help see they get to the end. So let’s get it going and get it together, cause now is the time to give it our all and make the most of all we can give. Time it is, so let’s get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy not only all day buy all weekend long. Happy Easter to all.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Easter Weekend Edition
National Hot Chicken Day
National Turkey Neck Soup Day
Good Friday
National Doctors Day
Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day
I Am In Control Day
Passover Begins at Sundown
Pencil Day
Take a Walk in the Park Day
Torrents Day
Virtual Vacation Day
World Bi-polar Day
World Marbles Day

National Oysters on the Half Shell Day – 31
National Clams on the Half Shell Day – 31
National Clam Day – 31
Oranges and Lemons Day – 31
Bunsen Burner Day – 31
World Backup Day – 31
Cesar Chavez Day – 31
International Hug A Medielvalist Day – 31
International Transgender Day of Visibility – 31
National Crayon Day – 31
National Prom Day – 31
National “She’s Funny That Way” Day – 31
Terri’s Day – 31
NanoDays: 31-4/8 Link

National Soylent Green Day – 4/1
National Sourdough Bread Day – 4/1
April Fool’s Day – 4/1
Easter Sunday- 4/1
International Fun at Work Day – 4/1
International Tatting Day – 4/1
American Crossword Puzzle Days – 4/1-3
Atheist Day – 4/1
Boomer Bonus Days – 4/1
Library Snap Shot Day – 4/1
Myles Day – 4/1
National Fun Day – 4/1
Plum Pudding Day – 4/1 (Note: Eaten on Easter. But, if eaten on 12/25 it’s Christmas Pudding Day.)
Poetry & The Creative Mind Day – 4/1
Reading is Funny Day – 4/1
Sorry Charlie Day – 4/1
St. Stupid Day – 4/1
US Air force Academy Day – 4/1
American Indian Awareness Week: 4/1-7
APAWS Pooper Scooper Week: 4/1-7
Bat Appreciation Week: 4/1-7
Golden Rule Week: 4/1-7
Laugh at Work Week: 4/1-7
Medication Safety Week: 4/1-7
National Blue Ribbon Week: 4/1-7
National Public Health Week: 4/1-7
National Window Safety Week: 1-7
Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week: 4/1-8
Testicular Cancer Awareness Week: 4/1-7
World Hula Week: 4/1-7

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