Greetings / 4-13-18

Greetings EveryOne
Hallelujah Friday it is and we need to get ready to rock n roll from start to finish. This is the back nine of the last day of the tournament, its the last innings of the last series and we need to be on point pitching and strong at the plate, we are in stage 3 of the last race coming down to the last laps. This is not picnic, no stroll in the park day, this is not the day we can find a rocking chair and put our feet up. No, no, for beginners, toss those hikers to the back of the closet and put away that staff. Pull out the sprinters and the visor and get crank that positive attitude up as high as it will go. We have a race to finish an adventure to bring to a close a journey to see it home. Get it together and loose all the baggage and extra stuff you don’t need and let’s get to the line. This is no day to turn our heads on those in need, to pass by on the other side of the road, to leave it to someone else. When we see someone in need we will still stop and help, listen and lend a hand in any way we can, and see them to the last checkpoint. Now let’s get this day going and give it all we’ve got from the start to the end. So let’s get this day going and go, go, go all the day long and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Peach Cobbler Day
Blame Someone Else Day
Friday the 13th
International Plant Appreciation Day
Scrabble Day
American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action
National Donate Life (Blue and Green) Day
Make Lunch Count Day
Thomas Jefferson Day

National Pecan Day – 14
Ex-Spouse Day – 14
International Moment of Laughter Day – 14
Look up at the Sky Day – 14
National Dolphin Day – 14
Reach as High as You Can Day – 14
American Fancy Rat & Mouse Day: 14-16
Baby Massage Day – 14
Children with Alopecia Day – 14
Dictionary Day .- 14
Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse – 14
National Gardening Day – 14
Pan American Day – 14
Pathologists’ Assistant Day – 14
Slow Art Day -14
International Wildlife Film Week: 14-22

National Glazed Ham Day – 15
Rubber Eraser Day – 15
That Sucks Day – 15
Titanic Remembrance Day – 15
World Art Day – 15
Jackie Robinson Day – 15
McDonald’s Day – 15
One Boston Day – 15
Take a Wild Guess Day – 15
Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week: 15-21
National Coin Week: 15-21
National Karaoke Week: 15-21
National Pet ID Week: 15-21
National Paperboard Packaging Week: 15-21
National Volunteer Week: 15-22

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