Welcome Back / 4-26-18

Welcome Back EveryOne,
That’s right, I know many after the last few days have been ready to throw in the towel or go look for a rocking chair to wait out the rest of the week. But that is not how it works, the world does not stop to let us off or to let us on. We do not get to chose what days we will participate or not, this is a round the clock operation and when it is time to work we need to work and give it our best with all we’ve got. This morning we will be digging deep into our bag of tricks to get that attitude in full check and with a killer smile, you know the one that makes people just want to get on board with even some of the dumbest ideas on the planet earth in the past 200 years. Yup the one that just makes children giggle and laugh and old folks with they were young again. You’re getting the picture as we head into the workhorse day of the week. We need to put the Clydesdale mentality or Plow Horse drive on and give it all we’ve got today. Hikers again are the name of the game for the footwear and take that staff as you will need it as we traverse our way down off the mountain and past the tree line. We need to get all that is going on, headed in the right direction and working together like a well oiled machine. With all that going on we still need to be aware of anyone along the way that is in true need and be ready to stop, listen and lend a hand where one is willing to accept and see them to the next checkpoint with whatever you can do for them. When all is said and done may we share a blessing with them that will come back with unexpected positive returns. Now we need to get this train rolling and time to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Wing Man
Steve Gimmi
National Pretzel Day
Audubon Day
International Girls in Information & Telecommunication
Technologies Day
Hug An Australian Day
National Help A Horse Day
National Kids and Pets Day
Poem In Your Pocket Day
Richter Scale Day
Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day
World Intellectual Property Day
Fiddler’s Frolic: 26-29
Gathering of the Nations Powwow: 26-28


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