Howdy / 5-3-18

Howdy EveryOne
Wow what a day, what a day, so beautiful and to be alive and at least semi-well to enjoy it. So get them sleepy eyes wide open and that mind juiced to go. This is the workhorse day of the week were much is expected and much is accomplished with much input and hard work. But laying around or taking ones good old time to get out the gate will not help the matter at all. So let’s move it, move it, move it, let’s get those hikers on and laced up well and take hold that staff as we start moving to the line. We have not intentions of pushing up any daisies today and we plan to keep looking at the grass from the topside not the underside. Now along the way we are going to come on those who are in wicked back hurting and in need of help. As we come upon them we will take the time to stop, listen and help in any way we can. Some will just need an ear for a few, while others will need transported to an E-vac center. Don’t question it, just do it, this is what we do, then get moving, glory is not what we look for, just to do what is needed. Now let’s get this day on the move and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Wing Man
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Raspberry Popover Day
National Raspberry Tart Day
National Chocolate Custard Day
Garden Meditation Day
Lag B’Omer
Lumpy Rug Day
National Special-abled Pets Day
National Textiles Day
National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
Paranormal Day
Public Radio Day
SAN Architect Day
World Press Freedom Day
National Day of Prayer
National Day of Reason
World Password Day
(World) Dystonia Awareness Week: 3-11
EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Awareness Month Link
Family Reunion Month (Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day)
Family Wellness Month
Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month
Food Allergy Action Month
Gardening for Wildlife Month
Get Caught Reading Month
Gifts From The Garden Month
Global Health and Fitness Month Link
Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month
Golf Month Link
Haitian Heritage Month
Heal the Children Month
Healthy Vision Month
Home Schooling Awareness Month
Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month
International Mediterranean Diet Month
International Victorious Woman Month
Jewish-American Heritage Month
Latino Books Month
Lupus Awareness Month Link
Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month
Mental Health Month
Military Appreciation Month Link
Motorcycle Safety Month
Mystery Month

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