Thunbergia Thursday / 5-10-18

Thunbergia Thursday EveryOne
We have got to get up early and get moving if we want to see the Black-Eyed Susans before the day is done. So let’s get rockin’ n rollin’ on a day that will take all that is in us to get through. Yes I have said it forever it seems and I will continue to preach it till the day I die. Thursdays are the workhorse day of the week, but that does not mean it has to be total drudgery. We can and we must do anything and everything to keep the this day up inwards attitude and being filled to the maximum of tiptoeing through the tulips or whatever kind of flowers you want. All I know is we just want to stay clear of the stink week and choke vines. So let’s get those hikers on and grab hold that staff and let’s take this day like none other and make it our own. Yes I am going to reiterate it, we can not forget it, there are too many folks that are hurting and too many others that are selfish and self centered to help, but we will take the time to listen and to lend a hand in any way we can, so open and be ready at any time along todays journey. Now let’s get this day going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Wingman
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Liver and Onions Day
National Shrimp Day
Clean up Your Room Day
Dia De La Madre
National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day
National Lipid Day
World Lupus Day
World Migratory Bird Day
Universal Family Week: 10-16
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month
Older Americans Month
Personal History Month
Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month
Preeclampsia Awareness Month
Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month (5/11-6/15)
Ramadan: 16-6/14
React Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
Social Security Education Awareness Month
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Spiritual Literacy Month
Strike Out Strokes Month
Sturge-Weber Awareness Month
Teen CEO Month
Tennis Month
Tay-Sachs and Canavan Diseases Month
Textile Month
Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Month (5/15 – 6/15)
Toxic Encephalopathy and Chemical Injury Awareness Month
Ultra-violet Awareness Month
Women’s Health Care Month
Worldwide Home Schooling Awareness Month
Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month
National Family Month (5/12 to 6/16)

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