Finger Lime Fruit Friday / 5-18-18

Finger Lime Fruit Friday EveryOne
Finger limes are known as the caviar of citrus. Their aromatic smooth but pebbled skin appears in a triad of colors, ranging from green to brown to red and almost black. The interior of Finger limes contains caviar-shaped vesicles that burst with a lemon-lime flavor. And that is it for this weeks fun facts you may have not other wised leaned about. Now what the deuce are you still doing being a lazy brainer, this is FRIDAY and we need to get it going. First, get rid of those hikers, the only thing we are in need of today are the sprinters and that visor. Leave all you can and dare to behind including that staff, it will only be a burden Today is not the day to get the lazies, or loose your give a darns. Today is the day you want to cash in on your round-to-its and find any way to dig deep and find that gusto that you have been saving for that one of a kind days. Well today is it and we need to give it all we got. The byway will be more like a highway and the under foot will be hot as can be with the sun beating down like molten lava pouring from the crevices of the earth. No this is no cake walk or Sunday afternoon ride with grandma, this is a give it all and leave nothing to question kind of day. Now, just cause it’s Friday is no excuse to run to the other side of the road and leave someone in true need to flounder on their own when you were meant to help and have the means to help. So stop, listen then help them to their next checkpoint. Now, time to get this day moving like no other and take this day to the end with all you’ve got to give. So let’s go get it done and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Cheese Souffle Day
I love Reese’s Day
International Museum Day
National Bike to Work Day
No Dirty Dishes Day
Visit Your Relatives Day
Buy A Musical Instrument Day
Endangered Species Day
HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
International Virtual Assistants Day
Mother Whistler Day
National Defense Transportation Day
National Pizza Party Day
O. Henry Pun-off Day
Visit Your Relatives Day

National Devil’s Food Cake Day – 19
World Baking Day – 19
Armed Forces Day – t19
Boy’s Club Day – 19
Do Dah Day – 19
May Ray Day – 19
Morel Mushroom Day 19-20
National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – 19
National Learn To Swim Day – 19
National Scooter Day – 19
National Hepatitus Testing Day – 19
Preakness – 19
National Safe Boating Week: 19-25

National Quiche Lorraine Day – 20
National Pick Strawberries Day – 20
Be a Millionaire Day – 20
World Autoimmune Arthritis Day – 20
Bay to Breakers Race – 20
Eliza Doolittle Day – 20
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day – 20
National Rescue Dog Day: 20 Link
Neighbor Day – 20
Ride A Unicycle Day – 20
Soil Stewardship Day – 20
Take Your Parents To The Playground Day – 20
Weights & Measures Day – 20
WhitSunday – 20
World Autoimmune Arthritis Day – 20
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week: 20-26
Healthy and Safe Swimming Week: 20-27
International Heritage Breeds Week: 20-26
National African Violet Week: 20-27
National Eosinophil Awareness Week: 20-26
National New Friends, Old Friends Week: 20-26
National Stationery Week: 20-23
National Unicycle Week: 20-26
World Trade Week: 20-26

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