Pistachio Tuesday / 5-22-18

Pistachio Tuesday to you EveryOne
Do you like em red or natural do you like the jumbos or the mediums, What about in a cake or in pudding or sprinkled over top. No matter how you like them or not, there is usually something for everyone. But isn’t life like this, there is usually something for everyone and occasionally there is one or two you come across that you just can please at all. But do we give up, do we stop and and just this oddity get the better of us? No, we find a way around them, over them, under them and sometimes just have to learn to work with them. So no matter what today brings, some nuts you like or others that just seem to irritate you to death, make the most of it and do all you can to do your best and have fun with with it. The time has come to get those hikes pulled on and laced it and take hold your staff as this climb will be a long one today. As we start to head for the line lets remember that there are those along the way who have not had it easy and are in a fallen way. Be open to be helping them in any way that is needed and seeing them to the next station. Remember in all things: Do good and forget it. This is how we treat all our acts of kindness and good deeds as it is not us to toot our own horn or expect anything more than the help a fellow human being. Now with all that, let’s get it together and get to the start line so we can go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Vanilla Pudding Day
Buy a Musical Instrument Day
World Goth Day
Buddah Day
Canadian Immigrants Day
Harvey Milk Day
International Day for Biological Diversity
National Maritime Day
Sherlock Holmes Day
US Colored Troops Day
Victoria Day


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