Pine Nut Thursday / 5-24-18

Pine Nut Thursday EveryOne
Nothing like feeling like Euell Gibbons eating a pine cone breakfast or a having them Grape-Nuts fill your morning with a crunch that could raise the dead. But add some pine nuts to a tasty pasta dishes, to some delish salad recipes, of it you are like Quinoa try with roasted pine nuts. Nuts are a wonderful source of protein and are very healthy. So if you have a favorite recipes get that in your mind as we begin our decent today off this mountain and out past the tree line. We will need all the encouragement we can gather all the motivation we can muster. This is the work horse day of the week and we have tons and tons to do and get done. We need total set up by end of day to take this through tomorrow and that is no small task. So grab them hikers and get ’em tight and hold on to the staff so you are not out of control going downhill. Now along the way there will be many that need our help, keep your ears and eyes open to who and when you need to pull over and help, do not just pass them by leaving the work to someone else as we all need to get involved and help one another. Now let’s get it going and get to the line, we need to get this day rolling and it’s time we go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long
Your Morning Wing Man
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Escargot Day ( I Love these things)
Victoria Day (Canada)
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
Brother’s Day
Declaration of The Bab
Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day
EMSC (Emergency Medical Services) Day
International Tiara Day
Morse Code Day

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