Whistlewood Wednesday / 5-30-18

Whistlewood Wednesday EveryOne,
So you still with us, I know these short weeks are wicked sometimes. I find that sometimes dwelling on what is before us is better than what we have just gone through and whoever said a 4 day work week is shorter than a 5 day work week I think has lost there marbles. But for right now our consolation is in that at the end of today we will be half way out of the well and only two days to go till recoupment weekend. But right now we have a lot of work to do. It’s stage 2 of the quad-athlon and it another wet one today, the swimming event. Once wet we might as well stay wet, and as I am hearing the gall of the bell let’s get the strategy going, as we need to pace ourselves today. It’s a long haul making sure all is going in the same direction,. and the right direction for that. Yes there are sharks in the water but trust me they really don’t want you, they want that ailing and sick one that has not trying to take this week too lightly, and are not serious about what is going on around them. those we leave to the scavengers of the sea. But when we come on those in true need and want help, take the time to listen and help in any way you can to see they get the help they need. There is a difference in being lazy and wanting help and being willing to accept it. When we get to the most out bound point, don’t let the wall take you down. Don’t let the wind and the waves overwhelm you, but stay focused on the cause and work diligently all the way to the end. Now let’s get it together and get to the starting line and when to the bell rings give it all you’ve got and let tomorrow wait until tomorrow, we have today to go and make us a most Happy, Happy from one end to the other.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Mint Julep Day
Water a Flower Day
Loomis Day
National Creativity Day
Save Your Hearing Day
National Senior Health & Fitness Day


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