Tilia Americana Thursday / 5-31-18

Tilia Americana Thursday EveryOne,
So finally we are all done with the water stuff so I hope you have had a chance to dry out overnight and are raring to the get the breeze blowing in your face. It is workhorse Thursday, but the only horsepower we are going to get it those legs of ours doing the peddle pushing. This is another long day before us but the plus to it all is that we are closer to the finish line than back to the starting line. So as we mount up on two wheels put your toes in the stirrups, grab hold the horns and then once we start keep you head and your body tucked as much as possible. If you need to hum a tune to keep the pace do it, if you need to plug in to keep the beat, do it, if you need to pair up with a partner, do it, if you need to,,, you name it, if it is ethical, legal, and morally correct and right, do it. This is the last day of the month and there is nothing left so we need to leave nothing on the table. So it’s time to get those bikers shoes on and make it loose and comfortable if you have to do anything and let’s get it to the starting line. Yes, it’s the same story as every other day, if we come on those in true need and they want help, we will stop and listen and help in any way we can, then see them to the next checkpoint. Ok it is time to get this day going, so just do your job and do it good, from start to finish and don’t quite till you cross the finish line for today. Now let’s go and get us and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Wing Man
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Macaroon Day
Save Your Hearing Day
Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day
What You Think Upon Grows Day
World MS Day
World No-Tobacco Day
Great American Brass Band Week: 31-6/3


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