Fire Birch Friday / 6-1-18

Fire Birch Friday to you EveryOne,
Wow what a day we had yesterday finishing out the month of May and to push us full steam into the month of June. Just think, we are so blessed to be coming into June with all gusto flowing and momentum that should help us get it all together to finish out this week in style. But today is not a day for rest, that’s tomorrow, nor a day to be lazy or just saunter through. This is the final leg of this weeks Quad-athlon and it is all on foot, so get rid of the rest of the footwear and garb and get those sprinters out of the back of the closet, cause we some running to do in some very special terrain. Today we pull everything together and make it all work. We give it all we have for the close of the week and the start of a new month. We want to leave this week knowing we gave it our best then go party hardy in a most responsible way. So are your eyes finally clear? Is your head wide awake and ready to go? I know I am really dragging as well but there is no quitting and we will finish strong. I know I harp on this but it needs said, when you come on those in true need, not if but when, we will stop and help. Why cause it is the right thing to do. Now if they refuse our help, move on, there is no need to stay where we are not wanted. But if someone in true need wants true help we will take the time to listen and to help in whatever way we fan and see them to the next checkpoint, then back on our way. Now keep the chin up, the eyes focused to what is before us and keep the body and legs in motion. The sun will be hi and hot so keep hydrated and the PF whatever well lathered on. Now before we forget why we are here,, let’s get this thing going so we can finish and and enjoy whatever comes our way. Time to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Hazelnut Cake Day
National Doughnut Day
Dare Day
Flip a Coin Day
Global Day of Parents
Heimlich Maneuver Day
Horseradish Days: 1-3
Hug Your Cat Day
Leave The Office Early Day
Mike, The Headless Chicken Day: 1-2
National Dare Day
National Nailpolish Day
National Go Barefoot Day
National Olive Day
National Pen Pal Day
Oscar The Grouch Day
Say Something Nice Day
Stand For Children Day
Superman’s Birthday
Milk Week: 1-3
Beer Pong Days: 1-5

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day – 2
National Rotisserie Chicken Day – 2
Artichoke Day: 2-3
Do-Dah Parade Day – 2
Drawing Day or Pencil Day – 2
National Black Bear Day – 2
National Bubba Day – 2
National Bubbly Day – 2
National Gun Violence Awareness Day – 2
National Prairie Day – 2
National Rotisserie Chicken Day – 2
National Trails Day – 2
The Wicket World of Croquet Day – 2
Turtle Races Day – 2
Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day – 2
International Clothesline Week: 2-9
National Lemonade Days: 2-10

National Chocolate Macaroon Day – 3
National Egg Day – 3
Repeat Day (I said; Repeat Day) – 3
Children’s Awareness Memorial Day – 3
Chimborazo Day – 3
National Cancer Survivors Day – 3
Wonder Woman Day – 3
Bed Bug Awareness Week: 3-9
Black Single Parents Week: 3-9
End Mountain Top Removal Week: 3-9
National Business Etiquette Week: 3-9
National Headache Awareness Week: 3-9
National Sun Safety Week: 3-9
Pet Appreciation Week: 3-9

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