Berkswell Friday / 6-8-18

Berkswell Friday EveryOne
Rise and Shine, and get that gray matter of yours up, up, up and going. That’s right folks it is FRIDAY and there is only one way we are heading today and that’s towards the weekend. Besides why in the world would we want to head backwards when we are so close to the finish line. Now about this week’s greetings, remember on 6-4-18’s posting I told you there was going to be a theme. This weeks theme has been ” Sheeps Milk Cheeses”. Now go back and google each one and lean a little bit more about each one. I love cheeses so this was a fun find. Hope you enjoy having these as much as I have enjoyed finding them. There is so much more to come. But right now we need to get out heads into this day. Maybe a little cheese and fruit along the way would help, like right after my morning coffee. Next thing up is to toss those hikers to the back of the closet and pull out those sprinters. We need to ditch anything and everything that will weigh us down and be ready to make the moves at a moments noticed to get through this day and cross the finish line with a quality finish and all that we set out to accomplish, accomplished. The run is not a walk in the park, and it is not for the weak or the lazy, and it will require that you give all you’ve got left and may some digging deep to do what needs to be done. Today is also not a day to turn our heads on those in dire straights looking for some true help, or that need help to get to the next checkpoint. We need to stop, listen, asses then do whatever we can to help them. Then quickly get back on the road towards to finish line. Some have a party to attend at the end of the day, some have much needed rest, but whatever is calling you, work hard, leave nothing to be questioned and see it all to the end and then go party harty all you want. Now is the time to go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day
World Oceans Day
Best Friends Day
Name Your Poison Day
Banana Split Days: 8-9
Ghostbusters Day: 8
National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 8
Poultry Days: 8-10
Upsy Daisy Day

National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day – 9
Donald Duck Day – 9
Belmont Stakes – 9
Companies That Care Day – 9
Family Fitness and Health Day – 9
International Archives Day – 9
International Young Eagles Da -:9
Missing Mutts Awareness Day – 9
National Earl Baltes Day – 9
National Marina Day – 9
National Rose’ (wine) Day – 9
Queen’s Official Birthday – 9
Toy Industry Day – 9
World APS Day – 9
World Bike Naked Day – 9 (dates vary through this week)
Worldwide Knit (and Crotchet) in Public Day – 9
World Gin Day – 9

National Iced-Tea Day – 10
Herbs & Spices Day – 10
National Black Cow Day – 10
Ball Point Pen Day – 10
Abused Women and Children’s Awareness Day -10
Alcoholics Anonymous (Founders) Day – 10
Children’s Sunday – 10
Multicultural American Child Day – 10
Race Unity Day – 10
National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 10-16
National Flag Week: 10-16

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