Cavendish Monday / 6-11-18

Cavendish Monday to you EveryOne
It’s time to wake up, It’s time to wake, It’s time to wake up this-morning. That’s right the sun is up and the birds are chirping. Ok were chirping at 4-something this morning and I was about to go bird hunting to tell the truth. Any-who, it is that time that the sun has risen and so must we. The weekend is been good to most of us and the time to play is done till another five days pass. So let’s that body and brain out if the virtual bed and put a hip in your hop a skip in your step and let’s get this blessed day and week on it’s way. Now I have to ask, did you figure out last weeks category or theme before you got to the bottom? I hope so, well we’ve got a new week going hope you enjoy. So it’s a new week, but something just don’t change and that is there are more and more hurting people out there. Some just need an ear to listen others have physical needs that need to be met. But when we come across those along our way, we need to be aware of what is going on and be ready to help. However if you find that it is you that needs the help, don’t burry your head, don’t look to hide, but seek out help, look for someone to talk to, be willing to accept help, it’s the only way to recovery. Now since it is the beginning of the week, we have got to crawl to the back of the closet and find them hikers, cause the path is a steep and rocky. Then go find that staff you stuck in the umbrella stand and take good hold of it and let’s get this day on the move. And the best way to have a great day is go and let’s make us a most Happy, Happy cause ain’t no-one else gonna do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National German Chocolate Cake Day
National Corn on the Cob Day
National Cotton Candy Day: 11 Link
National Making Life Beautiful Day
EMail Week
National Little League Baseball Week: 11-16
US Open Golf Championship: 11-17
Men’s Health Week: 11-17

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