Apple Friday / 6-15-18

Apple Friday EveryOne
Welcome one and all to final act of this weeks play, the final inning to a hard fought game, the last quarter of a rockem-sockem football battle. It’s a wicked beautiful morning and we have go so much on our plate today, but what is at the end of the line will help us just push it all through. Now one might think that an apple a day keeps the ailments away, or does that fit for the theme of the week. Actually I am be more-so playing with monkeys it seems or is that a whole barrel of monkeys. If you have not figured it out yet the them have been all different kinds of Bananas, that’s right those tasty, some times yellow sticks of fruit that many of us love to munch a bunch for breakfast or a snack, or what about under a pile of ice cream and toppings. Oh yum., and who said we can’t have that for breakfast? Any-who, we need to trade out those hikers for some sprinters, put the staff back in the umbrella stand and grab a visor to shield the eyes and face from the sun. This is going to a dash for the cash, a sprint to the end, a run to the checkered, it does not make a difference what you call it, but we need to be sure we do not sacrifice quantity for quality. We still need to be sure we do our best while giving it our all. This also goes for those along the way that still need help and are willing to accept it. We will still stop, we will still listen, we will still lend that hand in any way we can and see them to the next checkpoint. Now let’s get it to the line and this is a no look back day and a look out day all the way. So get it together and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
Lobster Day
World Gin Day
Global Wind Day
Magna Carta Day
Native American Citizenship Day
Nature Photography Day
National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers
National Flip Flop Day
Prune Day
Smile Power Day
Work@Home Father’s Day
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Worldwide Day of Givin

National Fudge Day – 16
National Cannoli Day – 16
Bloomsday – 16
Ladies’ Day (Baseball) – 16
Mermaid Day -16
National Hollern’ Contest Day – 16
Polar Bear Swim – 16
World Juggling Day – 16

National Apple Strudel Day – 17
National Cherry Tart Day – 17
Eat All Your Veggies Day – 17
Dollars Against Diabetes Day(s): 17-18
Family Awareness Day – 17
Father’s Day – 17
Husband Caregiver Day – 17
National Garbage Man Day – 17
Stewarts Root Beer Day – 17
Turkey Lovers Day – 17
World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought – 17
World Tesselation Day – 17
Animal Rights Awareness Week: 17-23
National Week of Making: 17-23

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