Ginger Thursday / 6-28-18

Ginger Thursday EveryOne
Hi-Hooooooooooo, Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s time ,,,, (again thank you Snow White & Disney) but isn’t it time to get our bodies and brains in gear for the day. Whether you are mining for gold, for coal, data or sales we are truing all miners in our own ways. So today as you go about your work in whatever field you are in, just start humming Disney’s Hi-ho, hi-ho song and everyone around you will totally not get it. But know that you are not along and that there are many others doing the same thing cause we just need a boost to make it through the day. Sounds corny but it will work, and on hards days like today when we are traveling down the rabbit trails to find our way off the mountain and out past the tree line we will need all the boosting we can get. Thursdays always seem long to me, and there is always more work than what I expect, and I just want it to get to Friday, but no, we need to concentrate on todays work, don’t you just sometimes want to scream out for the world to stop and let you off? Take a day and just sit in the rocking chair on the porch or lounge in the back yard. But the world does not stop to let us off nor does the work get done by itself. So Hi-ho hi-ho its time to work we go. Yes I know we are still bare footed and we still have rocks and roots to clamber through, so what are you waiting for? Get those hikers pulled on and find your staff, and I would still suggest a hat for today. Now along the way we are going to find those that have just been overcome by the issues of life, there are those that are physically in need, there are those that are financially hurting. I know that all of us can not help all issues, but we can offer comfort, we can give direction, we can see them to the next checkpoint and get them to someone who can offer better help than we can. So we will stop and listen and do, then move on. Now we need to get our Hi-s and our Ho-s in order and get to the starting line then goi make us a most Happy, Happy all day long
Your Morning Wingman
Steve Gimmi

Holiday & Observances:
National Tapioca Day
National Ceviche Day
International Body Piercing Day
Tau Day
National Bomb Pop Day
National Hand Shake Day
Ryan Moran Day
Insurance Awareness Day
Paul Bunyan Day

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