Phoenix Tuesday / 7-10-18

Phoenix Tuesday EveryOne
I am so hoping you are ready to fly with the eagles and phoenixes and not trot with the turkeys in your life today. I know that life is not always fun, nor interesting, but it goes on and so must we. So no matter if you are waddling with some piggies or running with the stud farm stallions life will and must go on, no different than a broadway show. So as ugly as it can get sometimes, what goes down, at some point has got to come up. So hang with it, and if not yesterday and not today, then maybe tomorrow. Buy don’t give up, keep on pushing on, keep on pressing forward, keep on looking up, keep on, keeping on, it is the only way to live. Live for the future and not the past, live for what can be, not what should have been, live for what can be, not what is out of reach. Life is not always fair but those who press on will be rewarded, those in give back will be rewarded, those who continue moving forward will advance. So as we get this day going, first of all, get them hikers pulled on and laced up, and take hold that staff as our climb is still going up today. Be sure to keep your eyes open for those along the way that are in true need. Be ready to stop and listen and lend a hand in whatever way you can. Now is the time, to get to the line and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, cause no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Pina Colada Day
‘Pick Blueberries’ Day
Teddy Bear Picnic Day
Clerihew Day
Don’t Step On A Bee Day
Global Energy Independence Day
Martyrdom of The Bab
Piña Colada Day
U.S. Energy Independence Day

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