Mustard Monday / 7-30-18

Mustard Monday EveryOne
Well it’s another week another Monday another chance for new opportunities. Normally I don’t mention when I am on vacation, when I am working, when I am have doing this or that. But this week I am going to let the cat out of the bag, and just tell you, I am taking off the week of my normal pay the bills job. Some of you know where I live, in a summer destination place. To many think that when you live in a place like this we are all retired, make money out our wazoo, go out to dinner every night and blah, blah, blah. When reality has it, I struggle just like everyone else, I still have to pay my mortgage, I still have to eat, and not out, I still have to pay the electric bill and water bills. There are excise taxes on our vehicles and I have to take my own trash to the dump and get to pay to myself to do it. Some of you out there I know have wondered, is this guy for real, is he just blowing sunshine up a backside, he is just some retired geek tapping out a story every morning. You wonder is this person is for real, do they actually understand what the real world is about. Do they have issues and struggles like you do. I started this what I call silly little morning letter many years ago with just a handful, and it grew. I hate mornings with a passion, I don’t like getting up early, I like staying up late. Although I don’t mind what I do, I never planned working in the industry I do for the past 32 years and still not close to retirement. This started when we all worked in an office together and noticed that we were all grumping in, in the morning, and by mid morning the mood was so sour it was not funny. So I decided to start doing this letter, trying to take a positive look on the day, sharing that the we all have issues going on, trying to put a laugh and a smile on faces and starting out a day in a better light even if I did not want to be working at that hour or at all. Sure I would love to have enough money not to worry about ever working another day of my life doing things I really don’t want to do. But knowing someone else is struggling while trying to make the best of it just like I was seemed to help. I added the holidays & observances along the way when I heard a DJ going it and only giving a few. (and yes over the years I did that too for a while, but it was on a religious station and a church janitor made more money then they paid and when my old job opened back up, better pay and insurance for my family, it was a no brainer although I would give about anything to be back in radio today. But again the pay and trying to start into it today, I still have bills that need to be paid and I still like to eat.) After looking at some of these wacky and weird holidays and observances figured it would at least if nothing else give other a chance to smile and laugh in the morning and have something funny to share around the water cooler. I hope you have enjoyed reading, I know I am not the greatest writer in the world, my spelling is not always the best and my grammar even worse. But I have put it out there anyway, sometimes I get a few comments back both positive and negative. I have some that tell me they can’t read it cause I’m not perfect with the way I write. But I do it to share with you a bit of me, just another person trying to make it through life one day at a time through life’s struggles. Yes I am what some would call a religious but try to leave that out as so those that aren’t can feel comfortable reading. But those that know also get it that, that is a reason I can look at life as I do. I just hope in all this that you can see a real and genuine person, just trying to get through another day, put a smile on another face and pay the bills like everyone else. We all have issue, problems, wants, needs and more, sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone else is going through the same things and has found a way to share smile or two and then pass it on. I am still going to remind us that we need to be aware of those around us that are in desperate need of help, and to advise we will take the time to stop and help in any way we can. Now we have a mountain to climb, does not matter if you are nose to the grindstone or if you are fortunate to get some vacation time we still have a journey to travel. So get the hikers pulled on and take hold that staff and let’s get this day underway. And let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy cause no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cheesecake Day
Father-In-Law Day
Friendship Day
Health Care Now! Medicare’s Birthday
International Day of Friendship
National Chicken and Waffles Day
National Support Public Education Day
National Whistleblowers Appreciation Day
Paperback Book Day
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

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