Bok Choy Friday / 8-3-18

Bok Choy Friday
Get up, get up, get up, we have finally reach FRIDAY and we have one last leg of this race, this adventure to run and push through. So before we go any further, let’s loose those hikers and find those sprinters, we need to be light on our feet and since this is more like the salt flats endurance run hikers are not going to be any help. Next dump the staff, there are not javelin throws or pole vaulting events going on today, but find your visor as you will want to help protect your eyes from the sun. Now today is not a day to forget that there are still folks out there hurting and dying and need our help to get them the help they need. So be alert and ready to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can. Now today is about that positive attitude, we will finish and finish strong, we will finish with quality along with quantity, we will what our for our brothers and sisters along the way and be a cheerleader to help encourage them to finish. We can, we shall, we will do, from front to end, from start to finish and anything in between. So as we make our way to the starting line, let’s get our mind in the right frame, cause honestly the left one is a little dingy and old. LOL kidding. But seriously, focus on making the best out of everything and anything that comes our way today. Make lemonade out of lemons, limeade out of limes and Key lime pie out off Key limes, oh what that’s another issue. What about concentrating on soaring with the eagles instead of trotting with the turkeys. I think you are getting the idea, or at least I hope so. So let’s get it together and get to the starting line, let’s have fun in all we do and say today and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long. Have a great and wonderful in all you do. Oh ya and the Theme of the week: they are all Cabbages, Mustard, Green, Savory, Chinese and Bok Choy. Hope you come back for next week.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Watermelon Day
Braham Pie Day or Homemade Pie Day
*Friendship Day
International Beer Day
Tomboy Tools Day
Twins Day: 3-5
Satchmo Days: 3-5
International Tree Climbing Days: 3-5
Sturgis Rally: 3-12
Gallop International Tribal Indian Powwow: 3-12

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – 4
Campfire Day – 4
International Hangover Day – 4
U.S. Coast Guard Day
National Clown Day – 4
National Mustard Day – 4
International Hangover Day – 4
Mead Day – 4
National Disc Golf Day – 4
National Jamaican Patty Day – 4
Sandcastle Day – 4
Single Working Women’s Day – 4
Social Security Day – 4
Gay Games: 4-12
Rock for Life Week: 4-7

National Oyster Day – 5
Friendship Day – 5
International Forgiveness Day – 5
National Underwear Day
Sisters Day – 5
Work Like a Dog Day – 5
American Family Day – 5
Friendship Day – 5
National Doll Day – 5
National Kids’ Day – 5
Assistance Dog Week: 5-11
Exercise With Your Child Week: 5-11
Knights of Columbus Family Week: 5-11
National Farmers’ Market Week: 5-11
National Fraud Awareness Week: 5-11
National Health Center Week: 5-11
Stop on Red Week: 5-11

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