StarFruit Friday / 8-10-18

StarFruit Friday EveryOny
We are shinning bright in the sky today folks and we can not shimmer and shin much brighter. We have reached the holy grail of work days that being Friday when we rope it all in match each bundle up and pair them up and tie them off so that they all come together by the time we cross the finish line by the end of today. For the theme of the week has been been Asian Fruits, and all pretty darn tasty. Any who, while we are at it, let’s trade out them hikers for some sprinters and put that staff away we want our hands and arms free and be as free from all encumbrances that we can, and I do mean all. Grab a good visor or hat and be sure to use that sun lotion to it’s max. We are now on the flats and the sun will be hot the surface will be hard and the breeze near nothing. You will need to hydrate whenever possible and keep moving forward. The only time we need to stop is when we come on those in dire despair, then we are obligated to stop and listen and help in anyway we can and then see them to the next care center. We give all, expect nothing, and remember someday it may be us that needs the help, due unto others what you expect others to do unto you. Now We have a long run today but it will be worth it all when we an finish with knowing we have successfully completed the course with quality as well as quantity to show for it all. Then party hardy all weekend long. Now let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National S’mores Day
National Banana Split Day
Lazy Day
Kool-Aid Day: 10-12
National Duran Duran Appreciation Day
National Shapewear Day:
Paul Bunyan Day
Skyscraper Appreciation Day
Shop Online For Groceries Day
Smithsonian Day
World Lion Day

National Raspberry Tart Day – 11
Presidential Joke Day – 11
Son and Daughter Day – 11
Ingersoll Day – 11
Middle Child Day -11
National Bowling Day -11
National Garage Sale Day -11
National Hip Hop Day – 11

National Julienne Fries Day – 12
Middle Child’s Day – 12
IBM PC Day: 12
International Youth Day – 12
Milkman Day – 12
Sewing Machine Day – 12
Vinyl Record Day – 12
World Elephant Day – 12
National Motorcycle Week: 12-18
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week: 12-18
National Resurrect Romance Week:12-18
Weird Contest Week: 12-18

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