Huckle Friday / 8-17-18

Huckle Friday EveryOne
Hello, Hello, Hello, what a day, what a day, can you believe it we have made it Friday and we are raring to go. We are out of the prairie lands and off the grades, but the run before us to end our work week will be long, and hot and trying. Oh by the way have you figured out the theme of the week, they are all berries, Crowberries, Billberries, Wineberries, Goji Berries, and Huckleberries. Hope you picked up on it. Anyway we need to shed the hikers and put the staff away, today we need sprinters and a visor, and double down on the suntan lotion. We need to get a lot done, pull all those ends together and tie them up. We need to focus on quality not just quantity, and we need to be sure we have nothing left hanging undone. I know it’s a lot, it’s a tall order but we did not come this far to just see it all waste away or come unraveled. Yes there will still be hurting and desperate people along the way and we will still need to stop, listen and help in any way we can and see them to the next care center. But we can do it. and we will finish in flying style. We will do what we have to that take that checkered flag, to get that walk off run to come across the plate or to kick that extra minutes goal. We will not hang our heads or give up, as we have come to far and are too close to not see it through. So are you ready? Are you set? Then let’s get it together and go, go, go and make us our own Happy, Happy cause ain’t no one gonna do it for us.
Your Morning Comrade
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Vanilla Custard Day
Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day
National Thriftshop Day
Black Cat Appreciation Day
I Love My Feet Day
Meaning of “Is” Day
Men’s Grooming Day
National Nonprofit Day

National Ice Cream Pie Day – 18
National Pinot Noir Day – 18
Bad Poetry Day – 18
National Honey Bee Awareness Day – 18
Bad Poetry Day – 18
Birth Control Pills Day – 18
Clear The Shelters Day – 18
International Homeless Animals Day – 18
World Honey Bee Day – 18
Mail Order Catalog Day – 18
National Badge Ribbon Day – 18
National Fajita Day – 18
International Geocaching Day – 18
Serendipity Day – 18
Minority Enterprise Development Week: 18-24

National Soft-Serve Ice Cream Day – 19
National Hot & Spicy Food Day – 19
Aviation Day – 19
National Potato Day – 19
Black Cow Root Beer Float Day – 19.
Chef Appreciation Day – 19
Coco Chanel Day – 19
International Bow Day – 19
International Orangutan Day – 19
National Honey Bee Day – 19
World Humanitarian Day – 19
World Photo Day – 19
National Chef’s Appreciation Week: 19-25

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