Anaheim Monday / 8-20-18

Anaheim Monday to you EveryOne
Well it’t been a long weekend, with all kinds of challenges, I hope your weekend ended on a good note. The good news is that we get a new start to a new week, new journeys, new adventures and new opportunities are all before us. Now the trick I think for this week will be not to travel down to many rabbit or ferret trails and heaven help us if we start chasing butterflies, we could lose you for hours running in circles. But let’s hope we can all stay focused and on track and not wander to far off track. We have to much to do and to far to go. But hey it’s us and who knows whats going to happen, we could just,, well, let’s not go there. So are you ready,, let’s get them hikers on and find that staff we have a wicked mountain to climb and this world is not going to wait for us to catch up with it. Just like any other week, we will keep our eyes open to those in need around us, stop when we need to, listen to the need and then do whatever we can to help and see them to the next care station, then get moving one. We need to keep it light, keep a smile on the face and keep it going forward anyway we can. But be diligent in all you do and give your best each step of the way. Now let’s get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy as no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National ā€˜ Bacon Lovers ā€˜ Day
National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
National Lemonade Day
National Radio Day
World Mosquito Day
Cupcake Day
National Safe at Home Week: 20-24

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