Banana Friday / 8-24-18

Banana Friday to you EveryOne
Bananas, Sunshine, Sunflowers, and a whole lot more,, that wonderful summer yellow that we just need to beam all about and all around today. We just wanna make it a nice and spicy day not to hot and not too weak. Oh ya theme of the week has been Fresh Chilies, today Banana Peppers are considered a type of chili pepper yum. But this is Friday, yes I said FRIDAY, woo hoo, So let’s do some updates. First throw those hikes to the side off the closet and grab those sprinters, next put the staff away and get out a good visor and a lot of suntan lotion, and last if you can do without,, go as light and and possible and the less is the better. Remember is has been a long week and we need to finish strong and finish not only with quantity but with quality. We want no baggage to weight us down or anything else that could end up be a hinderance attached to us. I’m serious, about this that’s why the lotion use it, all over and get there. Our main objective, finish strong, finish with a smile on your face, and finish knowing there is nothing left that needed done that you could have taken care of. So get the mindset going this morning, put that hat or visor upon your head and let’s make our way to the starting line. No we do not get to turn a blind eye or deaf ear, if we come on those in true hurting need, we will stop, listen and help them to the extent we can and see them to the next help station. Then back on the path to the end of this weeks journey. Leave no stone unturned, cut no corners thinking you will get to the finish sooner, trust me you won’t, and just one last thought, this is a marathon, or a 600 mile race, it’s long it grueling, but when you get to the end it will be so worth it, if you have done it correctly. No let’s get it together and make us a most Happy, Happy not just for today but for all weekend long.
Your Morning Thunker
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Peach Pie Day
National Waffle Day
Vesuvius Day
Knife Day
Pluto Demoted Day
Wayzgoose Day
William Wilberforce Day
World Daffodil Day
National Waffle Iron Day

National Whiskey Sour Day – 25
Kiss and Make Up Day – 25
Brother’s Day – 25
International Bat Night – 25-26
National Park Service Day – 25
National Second-hand Wardrobe Day – 25
Sand Castle Day – 25
Franchise Appreciation Day – 25
Be Kind To Humankind Week: 25-31

National Cherry Popsicle Day – 26
National Dog Day – 26
Women’s Equality Day – 26
Go Topless Day – 26
National Toilet Paper Day – 26
National WebMistress Day – 26
World Water Week: 26-31

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