Millet Monday / 8-27-18

Millet Monday EveryOne
Rise and shine y’all it’s a wonderful day to be alive and well. I pray the weekend was just grand for you, but whether it was or not it is the start of a brand new day and a new week. So time to put behind what has already come and gone and set our eyes forward to what lies before us. We have great opportunities and open skyways to journey and travers through. So let’s gather out things, put on the hikers, grab the staff and let’s get this day and this week rolling. If you have not been keeping track of things, this my friend is the last week of August the last hurray before Labor Day and the last week of the calendar summer. So as we wrap up this month let’s do it in style like no one else but us can do and give it all we’ve got to close out this week and this month in a blaze of glory. Than again if you can swing vacation time, more power to you and rest like there is no tomorrow. But for the rest of us, guess what? We still have to do our jobs, and that includes being open and aware of our surroundings and when we come on those in true need we take the time to stop, listen and help in any way we can, see them to the next care station then back to the journey at hand. Now whenever possible laugh, as often as possible smile, and always have an attitude of gratitude. So off the to the starting line we go and let’s go make us a most happy happy, as no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Pots de Creme Day
National Burger Day
National Banana Lover’s Day
Global Forgiveness Day
Just Because Day
The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day

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