Kummelweck Friday / 9-28-18

Kummelweck Friday EveryOne
Rise and shine folks, it’s a wonderful day, it’s Friday and we are going for the gold today. This is pay-dirt day, finish strong day, give it all you got day, no rocking chair day (like any workday is) take the flag day, or a host of many other names. But the point is, it’s FRIDAY as we are taking this thing all the way to the end in a blaze of glory. So what’s the theme this week? I hope you got it, they are all rolls like bread rolls and today is the every popular Kaiser Roll. Kind of making me hungry for some kind of cold cut sandwich or spaghetti sauce and cheese to dip some of the bread in, or olive oil and herbs. I know, I know I got to stop it and focus, focus, focus, where’s the coffee, I need another round of coffee please. Anyway, time to get this day rolling, we have much to do and need to make the best use of time to get it all done in. Remember we are still honed in on quality over quantity but we need both to be honest. So let’s trade out them hikers for the sprinters and the staff for a visor and get headed for the starting line. Just cause it’s Friday does not mean disparity and hard times take a holiday. So as we travel along, be sure to keep your eyes open for those who many need out help and we will stop and we will help in any way we can and see them to the next care station. Now we need to get our rears in gear and get to the starting line and let’s go give it all we’ve got and if you can swish the tank and find anything hiding in there use it and tomorrow we can worry about refueling and recharging. So time is at hand to go and make us a most Happy, Happy not just all day today but all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
National Drink a Beer Day
Native American Day
Ask A Stupid Question Day
Fish Tank Floorshow Night
Hug A Vegetarian Day
National Brave Day
National Gay Men HIV AIDS Awareness Day
National Good Neighbor Day
International Right To Know Day
Save The Koala Day
Support Purple for Platelets Day
Vegan Baking Day
World Rabies Day
International Sand Sculpting Championships : 28-10/7

National Coffee Day – 29
National Mocha Day – 29
Confucius Day – 29
Family Health and Fitness Day USA – 29
International Lace Day: 29
MAGS Day – 29
Mutation Day (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) – 29
National Attend Your Grandchild’s Birth Day – 29
National Biscotti Day – 29
National Ghost Hunting Day – 29
National Seat Check Saturday – 29
Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play – 29
Save Your Photos Day – 29
VFW Day – 29
World Heart Day – 29

National Mulled Cider Day – 30
National Mud Pack Day – 30
Blasphemy Day – 30
Gold Star Mother’s Day – 30
International Day of The Deaf – 30
International Translation Day – 30
National Love People Day – 30
National Fall Foliage Week: 30-10/6


Spuccadella Thursday / 9-27-18

Spuccadella Thursday EveryOne
What a great day to be alive and well, Ok so think if the alternatives, and as I have said before when someone says today good to see you, you need to respond better to be seen than viewed. So with all that, what other reasons is it a great day? You could get out of bed, you could stand (regardless of how wobbly it is), you could get dress as you wish, you could get a breakfast for most of you, you can look outside and see and hear the birds and the squirrels. You have a job to go to or are blessed enough to be retired, You have a roof over your head and the list goes on and on and on. As we work our way through today pulling together all the ropes and lines we have out, as we work our way off this mountain and out past the tree line may we do all with a smile on our face and an attitude of gratitude. Be sure not to wallow with pigs or trot with the turkeys, but keep you eyes up and your head above the clouds and learn to soar with the eagles. Now let’s get them hikers on and take hold that staff and get to the line. Along the way be ready to lend a hand at any moment to help those with much less hope then you and in desperate time and see them to a place they can get the help they need. Now let’s get this day moving and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Waddling Penguin
Steve GImmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chocolate Milk Day
National Corned Beef Hash Day
Crush a Can Day
Ancestor Appreciation Day
Google’s Birthday
Remember Me Thursday
World Maritime Day
World Tourism Day


Last Brews, Vines & Spirits Report 2018 & Incredibly Edible Cheesecake / 9-25-18

So this is may be the last of the Brews, Vines and Distillery reports as we have known them for the past two years. Writing a blog like this takes a team, and when I don’t get paid to do this and I don’t ask for any favors from any group or persons that I write about, Free information is always a risky thing as when one or a couple decide they either don’t have the time to offer you or do not see the worth in it, the information stops flowing and thus my abilities to offer you insider or at least a personal touch ends. I had a funny feeling this run was coming to an end when I dropped to only 3 real participants through half this year and now I am now down to 1 and 1/2, I have to laugh at that. So with that we will most likely the first of they year If I am still doing any of this, which I most likely will, we will take the Brews, Vineyards and Distilleries in a new direction. So stay tuned.
For the last of the year thanks to Amanda from Cape Cod Beer for all her help. You can find Cape Cod Beer online at where else but http://www.capecodbeer.com, or on Phinneys Lane just east of Rt 132. Please go to the website and go to the events page. You will find all that is going on with Cape Cod Beer, Paddles & Pints, Crafts & Drafts, Homebrew Club, Race to Hope, Yappy Hours, Cape Cod Brew Fest, Hops & Hops, Octoberrfest, A Very Merry Market and December still to come. Then there is the beer release calendar, and I am definitely looking forward to the Cranberry Harvest Brew. They are open Monday – Fridays 10-6 Saturdays 11-4 and closed on Sundays. Closed during private events. Please check out all they do for the community, it seems to be endless and they are always looking for new ways to be engaged in all things Cape Cod.
Next up is Cape Cod Winery, Thats to Erika for taking the time to provide me with updates and happenings on their journey of resorting and rebuilding Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth at 4 Oxbow Rd just off RT 28, or find them online at http://www./capecodwinery.com. From now through 10-8 they closed Mondays-Tuesday, but have a full schedule Wednesday through Sundays. Then after 10-8 they are open Thursday – Sunday through October with October 20 the Fall Festival being the cap to the season. Then come November -December Friday – Sunday open for all regular business activities. They have really revived the selection of wines that available and are also purchasable online and can be shipped to many areas. Tastings are still happening and what a great way to get aquatinted with what they are producing and have to offer. So please keep them in mind for everyday wines as well as gifts for all occasions and speaking of occasions they can do all kinds of events. They are really making a come back with what they are doing.
Last up is Truro Vineyards in Truro, find them at http://www.trurovineyardsofcapecod.com or of 6A in North Truro just past Atlantic Spice Company. My thanks to Delaney, and the others who have helped me over the last several year, and my special thanks to the Roberts family Kristen and David especially. They have helped make this segment what it has been, feeding me with information on a regular basis and taking an interest in this once mid-western who is just trying to support our local businesses here on Cape Cod get a little more exposure so they make it and in turn support the community through hiring year round employees and supporting the community left and right. They are Open Mondays – Saturdays 11-5 and Sundays 12-5. Last year they made the decision to stay open year round and I have not heard anything different for this year. The VineGrass Festival that is happening this coming weekend Sunday September 30th is the last huge event for the year. I know that the weekday tastings will soon be ending but weekend tastings will still be going on. Please if you have questions give them a call and go, as the shop will still be happening, and we still have a harvest that needs to happen. So stay tuned, and go support a great business that gives back to the community and loves to help spread the word of Cape Cod opportunities partners.
Well,, now don’t think that I am dropping the ball completely on this,, I will just be changing the format and doing things a little differently, hoping that I can still be of aid to each of these and to those others who only threw a bone every once in awhile but are still here helping Cape Cod to be a real Brews, Vines and Spirits destination. Stay tuned for the next chapter coming in January 2019,
Well I went to Kelly’s on 134 this week to check out the updated menu and all that is going on there. I am still impressed with what had checked since the old owners sold the place. It is so open and almost homey feeling but with a nice sports bar flavor, yet the bar does not interfere with the dinning area as in it not overpowering that you cannot go and enjoy an evening with family and friends and not be heard. And you can go and be part of the bar and still feel like your in a nice place. I had the Kelly Burger and it was tasty, along with the sweet potato fries. They were seasoned nicely and could be eaten plain or as I requested a little whipped cream and maple syrup mix to dip in and a local beer to finish it all. It was well work going. I will be back for another round soon. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.
Welcome back my friends, as I dictate this to you a friend of mine is doing what I wish we had more of, volunteers, as he is helping in caring for the station and light house up at Race Point. They have a great program where you go up and spend a 3-5 days or a week and do whatever is needed. I really admire my friend Paul for doing this, although I think he is more like a kid in a candy store up there as he get’s to get away from it all, and just spend some time meditating and contemplating all his maker has done for him or is doing for him and all he has created. He is an amazing person, both his maker and my friend. Part of the issue is they do not have a permanent keeper like we do down here. Well I hope you have been well since the last time we met, The decorations are going up this weekend and will be ready to go the first the last weekend in September. We will have the usual pumpkin patch, and a maze, the haunted woods, scarecrow, corn stalks, lights and a whole lot of other things. We are planning, not guaranteed to have a bobbing for apple station (we keep trying to invent ways to keep this more sanitary for all but still if you have a cold or early flu bug please pass this up. We may have cider donuts and cider and a few other things, Some of the food items we do have to charge, we would like to just give away but this is also a fund raiser for the lighthouse slush fund that helps keep these activities going for all to enjoy and looking nice. Anyway you got the picture so we hope to see you there Thursday evenings through Sunday evenings 5-9. As for the rest of what is going on, I am happily state that everything has been quiet this past week for the most part. We had one fishing boat incident but we will leave that to the regular news reporters, I don’t want to go there, just a big thanks to the German Cruise Ship for going to the rescue. Other than that it’s nice to report nothing. Yes the weather has been below normal, but that’s not a bad thing, the seas have been quiet, no fish issues, and no beach issues. The light has been steadily blinking out her cadence and there has been no need for the fog horn. Sounds kind of boring, but really sometimes we need some quiet to see that the boats are getting taken in safely and see that the docks are starting to come out of the waters for the winter. I still see during the daytime some of our charter tour planes flying around the Cape making their way from lighthouse to lighthouse around the outline from canal to tip to canal. I’ve heard they are a blast to go on, although I have never been as I am usually working when they are flying. But check them out and if you’ve never been here before, maybe you will see us from the air. Well that’s about it for this round, I hope you have a great week wherever you are at but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
As you know, I am not a standard cake lover, but I do love pound cakes, bundt cakes and cheesecakes, so I am always on the lookout for good and easy cheesecake recipes. Some I love and can not get enough of, some, well I’m not sure even a church mouse would take a bother to steal a morsel of. Anyway this one is a good one, it does use a springform pan, regular shape or heart shape, and it does come with a topping. So there is a little work to this but overall I thing it is a good one to try and make. Besides can it be that bad when it uses a chocolate crust, I don’t think so. So let’s get this show in the kitchen and let’s get creating. P.S. look over the ingredients before you start to be sure you got it all, then go to it.

This week’s recipe: Incredibly Edible Cheesecake

2 pkg cream cheese (8 oz pkgs)
8 oz vanilla yogurt
2 lg eggs
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup Triple Sec Liqueur or (Orange flavored Liquor)

12 oz chocolate cookies (1 pkg)
1 stick melted butter

1 pkg frozen berries (1 lb pkg)
1/4 cup tapioca
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Filling: Cream together, cream cheese and yogurt. Gradually beat in eggs one at a time, sugar and liqueur.
Crust: Crush cookies in blender or with rolling pin. Mix with melted butter and press into 9 or 10 inch springform pan.
Topping: Cook together frozen berries, tapioca, sugar and water until just thick.

Pour filling into pie crust and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Cool on a rack. Once cooled, carefully remove springform and pour topping into the center and gently evenly spread topping to the edges. For different holidays you can garnish with Chocolate covered strawberries, Mint, chocolate shavings, ect. You can use mixed berries, single berries like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or any other kind. Cut into 1/16 slices as this is father rich.

Zeeuwse bolus Wednesday / 9-26-18

Zeeuwse bolus Wednesday EveryOne
Happy Hump day to you, are you ready to take on the challenge today. I can not wait to get this day going knowing that 1/2 way through this day we will be 1/2 through the week. And as soon as we turn and start down the back side we will be closer to the finish line that to the starting line. I love this day and mark it on the calendar every week as a highlight kind of day. To often we belabor the point of still how much more we have to go, or it’s taken so long to get here. Phooey to all that, we have done a great job getting here and we will do a fantastic job moving forward. So turn that frown upside down, pull on those hikers and take hold that staff and let’s start moving towards the starting line. This week has really gone well so far considering all the things that could have happened, but it hasn’t and we are still on the warpath to get it through this week with all in tact and a smile on our face. Let’s surprise everyone around us and go out and blow the top of this mountain off the charts and with class and style. Don’t forget when we get to the top that is not the finish, so plant your flag, check how far we have come then turn and mental map where we need to go and get moving. Along the way we will come on those in great need, be prepared to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can then see them to the next help center. And once you have given, forget it and move on. Now before we get left behind, let’s get moving and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long cause no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Key Lime Pie Day
Johnny Appleseed Day
Banned Websites Awareness Day
Compliance Officer Day
Forget-Me-Not Day
National Dumpling Day
National Women’s Health & Fitness Day
School Backpack Awareness Day
Shamu the Whale Day
Situational Awareness Day
World Contraception Day


Tahini Tuesday / 9-26-18

Tahini Tuesday to you EveryOne
Totally terrific to see you this morning. What a day, what a day that, fall has set in and we have switched seasons and it is brisk and sunny and just the right conditions to get the body and mind moving this fine feathered morning. Isn’t it great to be alive and well on such a great morning. Ok so your toes don’t know what to do in shoes this morning, and the rest of your have those little bumps all over it cause it’s that chilly out, I think they are called goose bumps. But we have a great opportunity to go to places we have never been before and do things we have never done before. If we put our minds to it, and take advantage of what has been given us. I hear some of you grumbling already saying all you have is lemons, limes and couple grapefruits. So make a lemon/lime tart, make fruit cup, make a breakfast drink, do something creative with it, but stop complaining about what you can’t do and do what you can. There are many who would love to have that opportunity, and as we travel along today if we come on those in dire need, we will stop, listen and see them to the next care center before moving on. Now let’s get them hikers on, take hold that staff and let’s go make us one heck of a Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
3 Months till Christmas
National Lobster Day
National Food Service Workers Day
National Crabmeat Newburg Day
National Comic Book Day
Math Story Telling Day
National One-Hit Wonder Day
National Psychotherapy Day
National Research Administrators Day
National Tune-up Day
National Voter Registration Day
National Woman Road Warrior Day
(World) Ataxia Awareness Day
World Pharmacists Day


Grand Monday Greetings / 9-24-18

Grand Monday Greetings EveryOne
Can you believe we are into the last Monday of the month and there is no stopping this train. We were rolling at the end of last week and we are going to keep rolling on with a smile on our face and sunshine in your eyes. It’s time to get up and get this day going with all that we’ve got. This day is going to be wonderful in spite of whatever happened this weekend. Get that brain of yours out of it’s cozy bed and prop them peepers open. We have a mountainous task before us and we need to get it up and get it going. Are you with me. So time to pull on them hikers and grab hold that staff and let’s get ready to head out. Now as we travel the road we take be open for anyone who is in desperate need, be ready to stop, listen and assist in whatever way you can. Now before this day slips away and some one tries to cloud our minds and thinking, let’s get this show on the road. It’s time to go make us a most Happy, Happy cause we know, no one is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cherries Jubilee Day
National Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day
Punctuation Day:
Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving
Family Day
Ally Week: 24-28
International Week of the Deaf: 24-30
International Women’s E-Commerce Days: 24-29
Sukkot: 24-30


Gala Friday / 9-21-18

Gala Friday Morning EveryOne
Yes, Yes, Yes we have made it all the way to Friday and it will be a wicked good Gala at the finish line today. So have you figured it out, the theme, we all got that they are apples but specifically cooking apples. Now let’s get the focus on, this is not a day to fluff it off, find a rocking chair or think we are going to just coast our way through it. The sun is out, the day is gonna be a beautiful and wonderful day, but we can not get caught up and just lallygag our way and think we are going to finish in any shape worth crowing about. We want quantity but we also want it with quality. We do not want to second guess anything we did when the day is done. So let’s start by pulling on those sprinters, the hikers have no play in today’s run, and put away the staff and exchange it out for a good visor and a lot of suntan lotion. It will be beautiful but the sun will be deceptive and will burn us and dehydrate us if we are not careful so be cautious and take care of yourself out on the run to the finish today. Just cause it is Friday and we are on a mission does not give us permission to look a blind eye to those in need, we still need to be ready to stop, listen and lend a hand to the next care station. We need to do and forget, it is part of our responsibility to our brothers and sisters of humanity as well as we never know when we might be the ones in dire need. Now let’s get this day going and make our way to the starting line, and remember to give it all you’ve got to make this a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long as no one is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Cheerleader
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Pecan Cookie Day
International Banana Festival
International Peace Day
Miniature Golf Day
World Gratitude Day
Constitution Day/Pledge Across America
International Day of Peace
International Grenache Day
National Concussion Awareness Day
National Doodle Day
National POW/MIA Recognition Day
National Surgical Technologists Day
National Tradesmen Day
World’s Alzheimer’s Day
National Ballroom Dance Week: 21-30

National Ice Cream Cone Day – 22
Eid-Ul-Adha – date varies – 22
Business Women’s Day – 22
Elephant Appreciation Day – 22
Hobbit Day – 22
International Rabbit Day – 22
National Hunting and Fishing Day – 22
Oktoberfest begins in Germany – 22 (dates Vary)
Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) – 22 9:54 PM EDT
Batman Day – 22
Bright Pink Lipstick Day – 22
Car Free Day – 22
Chainmail Day – 22
Dear Diary Day – 22
Fish Amnesty Day – 22
International Day of Radiant Peace – 22
Kids Day (Kiwanis Clubs) – 22
Love Note Day: 22
Mabon – 22 (On Autumn Equinox)
National Centenarian’s Day – 22
National Leg Wear Day – 22
National Museum Day – 22
National Public Lands Day – 22
National Rock n’ Roll Dog Day – 22
National Singles Day – 22
National White Chocolate Day – 22
R.E.A.D. in America Day – 22
Remote Employee Appreciation Day – 22

National White Chocolate Day – 23
Great American Pot Pie Day – 23
National Key Lime Pie Day – 23
Checkers Day – 23
Dog in Politics Day – 23
Sukkot – 23 (begins at sundown)
Celebrate Bi-sexuality Day – 23
Checkers Day or Dogs in Politics Day – 23
Innergize Day – 23 (Day after the Autumn Equinox)
National Snack Stick Day – 23
Restless Legs Awareness Day – 23
Teal Talk Day – 23
Banned Books Week: 23-29
Child Passenger Safety Week: 23-29
Deaf Dog Awareness Week: 23-29
International Interpreters and Translators Week: 23-29
National Dog Week: 23-29
National Keep Kids Creative Week: 23-29
Remember to Register to Vote Week: 23-29
Sea Otter Awareness Week: 23-29
World Hearing Aid Awareness Week: 23-29
World Reflexology Week: 23-29


Macoun Thursday / 9-20-18

Macoun Thursday Morning EveryOne
Wow we need to start today and run it all the way through with an attitude of gratitude. What an awesome week so far and we only have today and tomorrow to get through before we are party central weekend. How wonderful it has been to make this claim, and we have been blessed every step of the way. But it is not finished yet and this is the workhorse of the day. We need to look around and see what we need to do to take control of this day and make it happen. Down hill journeys can be tricky and if the mountain is a little damp with dew can be rather slippery at every turn and bend. The day is going to try to disrupt all we can to do and will do it’s best to keep us from our destination but we will not let that happen. With a smile on our face, diligence and persistence we will finish strong today, out of the forest, past the tree line and into the clearing. Now let’s get them hikers on and take hold that staff, we will need it every step of the way. While we descend be sure that we are on the lookout for those that are in a true hurting way and needs a helping hand. Take the time to stop, listen and help in any way you can, then see them to the next care center then keep on moving. This day will be long but it will have big payoffs by keeping that attitude in check and working hard from start to finish. Now, let’s go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long cause we know no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Fine Feathered Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Punch Day / Rum Punch Day
National Pepperoni Pizza Day
National String Cheese Day
National Teach Ag Day
Great American Beer Festival: 20-22


Fall on Cape Cod & Crab Bisque / 9-19-18

Well, as the weather begins to change the visitors start to tale off and fallish things start to pop up. The nights are finally stating to get a tad crisp. The time of year when a dram of whisky with a nice cigar out by the campfire is just what is ordered to relax. The cooler weather makes perfect sleeping weather and and during the day with the lower humidity taking those walks on the rail trails or natural trails viewing changing leaves and and cranberry bogs either about to be or actually flooded just waiting for the harvest to happen. The end of summer by the calendar is just about to happen, and fall is now here with football, sweaters, and love. Yes, everyone things that Valentines Day and spring is the season of love, but I clam fall is when snuggling and cuddling is the name of the game and although most men would deny it,, I’m not sure I don’t know of a single one that does not crave the attention that is give by his significant other this time of year. Walks in a vineyard sipping wine, or an apple orchard enjoying cider. Walks on the beach with a cool breeze blowing in off the water and enjoying shellfish on the half shell while sitting on the outdoor deck watching the yachts come in and out of the harbor. Fall on the Cape to many seems desolate and abandon, places closed up and nothing to do. Really? This is second season with festivals and craft shows, fishing in lakes and ponds and surf casting of the flats or along the canal. The Cape in the fall, is one of the best times of the year and one of those times that most who live here will tell you this is why we moved here. The only problem is I have neither time enough or funds enough to do all I want or take off from work to just go do. Life is so short and what the good Lord has blessed us with there just is not time to do it all. This is not so much family time but couples time, or maybe family making time. The colors, the smells of leaves burning or those camp fires, cold sand between the toes at the top of a dune looking out over the vastness of the national park and preserves there to just enjoy. This fall, if you don’t live here, find time to get here and see what the Cape really has to offer this time of year. If you live here get out and enjoy all we have to offer and be reminded of the reasons we either moved here or stay here. To often we get so caught up in doing everyday life we miss out on what is around us, don’t let that happen this fall and be adventurous, do thing wild and crazy with your significant other and just relearn what it is and all that we have to offer right here during the fall on old Cape Cod.
Business report time, I have been looking to put this business in the blog for sometime but catching with them to get information has been interesting so this past weekend when I went to the Harwich Cranberry Festival and ran into them I was able to take the time to stop and get updated. The Cape Cod Bear Factory, this business is called fun, fun, fun ready to help your kids and celebrations become a Bear-able event. First find them at http://www.facebook.com/CCBearFactory/ Cape Cod Bear Factory has everything you need to create your own personalized stuffed animals. You can choose from over 60 different animals, 50 different outfits, and many shoes and accessories to customize your new friend. Yes this bear bus can barely be overlooked for those wonderful kids evens. And for the off-season party she has a special running, use the word WECOMETOYOU and get 15% off your off-season party. Check them out let her come to you, no dragging the kids around in multiple vehicles, getting lost or worse losing someone in the mayhem of whatever. You will be pleased, your wallet will be pleased and your kids will be ecstatic with this very beary party bus. You can also call her to set your party at 508-815-9735.
Now remember as we are well into the off season that breakfast is now an option even on the weekends. This past Saturday I was up at an ungodly hour in the morning and decided instead of fighting to try to get another hour of restless sleep to get up and go to breakfast. So after avoiding it during the season I ventured back into Grumpy’s in East Dennis on Rt 6A just east of Rt 134. I had the 2 eggs, toast and hash with coffee. The eggs were done to perfection and just right for dipping my toast in and the hash was done all the way through. Remember if you like yours extra crispy to tell them otherwise it is just well done and very tasty. There is so much in the menu, but don’t forget to check out the black boards for the extras that are always something special. The other two things I love there are the Belgium Waffles and their Breakfast Burrito this thing is big enough to satisfy a hungry horse or front linesman in the NFL. So if you too have been avoiding them for the summer crowds the wait is over and time to get back there and love every bit. Oh ya they are also open for lunch but I am so full after breakfast I don’t think I could do lunch, LOL.
There are two other vendors that were there that I have come to love there goods. One is from Massachusetts the other from Vermont. The first The Crimson Lion out of Westfield, MA. Find them at http://www.thecrimsonlion or on facebook. They have some of the best Salsa around. I love the fruited ones the best, they have a bacon one out this round that I am eager to try. I had to be careful how many I got as I tend to hoard these instead of eating and using them as I hate to pay shipping. But they will ship anywhere and are well worth it. The other vendor out of Randolph, Vt or find them at http://www.woodssyrup.com. They are a small batch hand crafted maple syrup company. They produce things like Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Smoked Maple Syrup, and the list goes on and on. This stuff is some of the best small crafted syrup I have ever allowed to touch my lips and tongue. Someone at the show asked him so where do you get the syrup from, His response: “my backyard.” The lady said no seriously where do you get it from, (looking to trick him into saying from across the boarder) he look at the lady and said: “seriously, from my backyard, we tap our own trees and use our own sap to make our own syrup.” I was dying laughing as she was taken back at his response. And his is serious, it is a family owned land they tap the trees so this is even cooler to me. So if you get a chance give them a try and have some wickedly wild and wonderful maple syrup from right here in New England. Now that’s it for this week, come back next week for some updates .
Greetings all, I hope you have had a great week. Out here on the forearm of the Cape we are still reeling over the events of this past week. It’s been some time that anyone has had to report off our great shores of the Cape a person losing their life to a shark attack. I am not going to dwell on this but want to remind everyone, The signs are up for a reason, we have a plethora of seals up and down our coastline and what finds these oh so adorable creatures a delicacy? Sharks. That’s right folks and apparently sharks do not have that great a sight to distinguish between humans and seals. So if you go in the waters were these creature occupy, keep your eyes open, stay aware and take precautions at all costs. Until the seal population is depleted we are going to have this issue, along with a shortage of fish for our fishermen, cause they are eating more of their fare share.
Now on with the rest of the story as someone used to say: As our primary season has passed and second season is starting to slow down we are starting to take stock in our grounds, buildings and display items as we have the holiday run from about the first of October through the New Year. We need to be sure all the lights are working and repair a few of the things that have just gotten ragged and worn and in some cases just need to replace some of the displays. We want to keep it fresh and exciting every year with something old, something new nothing blue especially not you. Oh wait that goes to something else doesn’t it? Guess I need to stick to my day job. Anyway, we are in the process of giving the tower a good cleaning and making sure that over the summer anything that might have gotten handled a little more than expected is ready for the holiday traffic. The lamp room has had a major cleaning and is sparkling clean enough to see your reflection in all the brass that is still up there. And I personally cleaned all the windows so we can get a good gimps of what is left out there with our giant mammal friends and what is going on in the shipping lanes. The storm that tore up the Carolines passed on through and out of here without much todo, at least here on the Cape and we are grateful for that. The recreational boaters are pretty much done for the season and I know that a lot of the town slips will be closing between October 1st and Columbus Day so that is when we really get a break. Except that is when the weather season steps up and we need to keep a eye on those fishing boats and freighters that are out just a ways. We don’t need them coming in to close or getting lost ending up in places they can not retreat from. So, stay tuned for when things will be up and ready for the fall harvest season and we can start having camp fires and gatherings and the all favorite haunted maze and trails. For now that’s about it, hope you have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
This is one of those weeks that I pulled out my recipes and looked at what I had on the list to share and went, nah, no way, ain’t happening this week. Just was not hitting the spot. So I went digging and found something that would make either a great appetizer starter or a perfect lunch main course, or if dinner used as a coupler, cause this stuff can end up being really rich. When I went to switch out the recipes on my master schedule I did not realize how many recipes I have using Crab. I think the only thing I enjoy more than crab is lobster then seafood, or is that see-food. I always enjoy being on a see-food diet only problem is my waistline is allergic to that diet. LOL Anyway this is a really simple recipe, I did not say cheap necessarily but good and simple. Hope you can give it a try sometime, I think anyone who likes seafood will like this bisque. Now on with the show:

This week’s recipe: Crab Bisque

1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can asparagus soup
1 1/2 cans milk ( either 2% or whole)
1 cup half & half
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1 cup crab
1/4 cup white wine
Old Bay Season (optional)
Black or Gray ground Pepper (optional)
Parsley (optional)

Mix first 6 ingredients and heat slowly until hot. Right before serving add wine. Garnish top of Bisque in bowl with a pinch of Old Bay Season, a 1/4 grind of fresh pepper and a sprig of parsley (all this is optional) Serve Hot.

Empire Wednesday / 9-19-18

Empire Wednesday Morning EveryOne
We are about to conquer this mountain peak and call this empire our own. Happy hump day to you, are you ready to take this day on? I love Wednesdays cause half way through the day we are going be closer to the finish line than back to the starting line. The road to travel will be shorter than the road already traveled. So let’s get them hikers on and take hold that staff cause we have got a trail to blaze and will need all the help we can get. Along the way take time to notice the posies that are still in the glades, take to the time as we rise higher in elevation the slight change to some of the foliage in color. Yes this is a work day, this is a day we need to grind out, but way to often we miss so many joys in life cause we are too focused on task at hand and miss so much beauty around us. I know with that attitude some would say we will never get ahead. Humm, really? I don’t think enjoy some of life along the way is giving ups much in the long run. Now along the way we will come on those that need help, we will take the time to stop, listen and do what we can to see them to the next care center. Now. put a smile on that face, keep your nose pointed on the goal and keep your eyes open at all times. Remember once we make it to the top, that is not the end, it is only the half way mark and we still have the back side to start down. So once to the top, plant the flag, catch your breath and a glimpse of the view and then get moving. Make this a day to remember in all you do and say. Now let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, no matter what may come our way.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
National Rehabilitation Day
Talk Like A Pirate Day
Yom Kippur – first full day