Cool Tuesday Greetings / 9-4-18

Cool Tuesday Greetings EveryOne
Well after an absolutely gorgeous long weekend we have to come back to reality and for many of us the heat that has plagued a lot is of on the east coast and mid-west most of the summer. But as the sun has risen so have we and another chance and opportunity at life and another journey to travel. Sometimes the phrase I’m not getting older I’m just getting better like an aging bottle of wine. Hum how come I feel more like vinegar than wine? We have to laugh at ourselves sometimes more than I would really like to have to, but to keep my sanity if I don’t what little bit of sanity will fleet like the vapor of a jet in a strong air current. But life goes on and the journey continues, so time to grab those hikers and take hold that staff and let’s get this day rolling. I am going to try this week to change up our reminder to help others. So as your travels take you along the highways and byways of life be ready for whatever opportunities avail to help others around you in need. It is our responsibility as human beings to be a good neighbor to others in need. Now that we have our eyes open, hopeful the gears in our brain functioning, and our muscles moving, let’s get this day going and go may us a most happy, happy cause we know best what makes us smile and what we need to have a most Happy, Happy this whole day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Macadamia Nut Day
Newspaper Carrier Day
Another Look Unlimited Day
Play Days: 4-8
National Chicken Month
National Honey Month
National Mushroom Month
National Papaya Month
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
National Biscuit Month
National Bourbon Heritage Month
National Breakfast Month California Wine
National Organic Harvest Month
National Whole Grains Month
AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month
All American Breakfast Month
Attendance Awareness Month
Atrial Fibrillation Month
Baby Safety Month
Backpack Safety America Month
Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month
Blood Cancer Awareness Month
Bourbon Heritage Month
Childrens’ Good Manners Month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Cholesterol Education Month
Classical Music Month
College Savings Month
Craniofacial Acceptance Month

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