Garlic Thursday / 9-13-18

Garlic Thursday EveryOne
No we are not going Vampire hunting today, but we remember garlic can add a lot of spice to life, so bring it on. What are we going to do with what has been given us. Smile and make the most of it all, we can not change many of the things that happen to us in life but we can change the way we react to them. We need not bite the bitter batter pill and take on the bad that is all around us as our own. No we don’t, we may have to swim through a swamp, we may have to wade through some muck, but we do not have to take on the outlook that is dragging so many around us down. There is hope in this journey, we will keep looking for that which is good, we will keep a smile on our face at all times and we will give it out best in every situation. Now we need to stop chasing those rabbits down those thicket paths, it ruining our progress and scratching the heck out of our legs. We have are going to see the sun today if have to chop all the trees around us down to do it, but it would be easier to just keep this train moving and get to our destination before the day is dark. So let’s keep it moving at all times and do what we need to help those along the way that need our assistance to get to the next care center. When we have get back on the road and point that nose downhill and keep it rolling, just don’t fall and do somersaults down the hill and wipe out everyone in front of you. Ok it is time, it is time, to do what we must do and go take this day by storm, and along the way make us a most Happy, Happy out of cause no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Drum beater
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observance:
National Peanut Day
Snake a Pickle Time
Defy Superstition Day
Fortune Cookie Day
Blame Someone Else Day – first Friday the 13th of the year.
National Peanut Day
Positive Thinking Day
Uncle Sam Day
Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
National Celiac Awareness Day
National Programmers Day (On 256th Day of the Year)
Roald Dahl Day
Scooby-Doo Day
Hummingbird Celebration: 13-16

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