Purple Onion Friday / 9-14-18

Purple Onion Friday to you EveryOne
Why Purple cause I like the color, it symbolizes royalty, wisdom, power and ambition. It can also represent wealth, extravagance, and creativity. So have you figured it out yet, the theme? I bet you are not even close, I love the game Bolderdash it says in the instructions, you may come up with an answer that is good, that may be close but if it ain’t the word we are looking for it ain’t right. So the word or theme we are looking for is Alliums, Yup who would have thunk that one unless you are a chef or a horticulturist. But love these things in salads and even on my burgers. Anyway we better get this morning going as I am starting to get hungry just thinking about food at this hour of the morning. You know a good omelette, with with onions, and peppers and ham and oh my, with a side order of home fries or hash browns. Or maybe some hotcakes with a side order of sausage or scrapple maybe bacon. Oh I have to stop. Now that I have your attention, we have one last day to skip thought it and we do not get any free passes. This has been a wicked wonderful week and we are going to keep it that way right though to the end. So let’s start by getting rid of the hikers and pull on those sprinters, while trading in the staff for a good vizor. So let our faces beam like the sun and our attitudes be as sweet as honey. You noticed a food theme here, I must really be hungry. We need to help those around us find something to get through today and we now that happiness is contagious. Although no one is going make us smile, being around others in a good mood regardless of the situation can help. So as you come on those in true need today, help lift them up, and offer what you can and see them to the next care center, then move on your way. This is a glorious day and we look to finishing this week strong, with quality first and quantity as it comes. Now let’s get this day going and make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Horn Blower
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day
Eat A Hoagie Day
Hug Your Boss Day
Live Creative Day
National Kreme Filled Donut Day
Stand Up To Cancer Day

National Double Cheeseburger Day – 15
National Creme de Menthe Day – 15
National Linguini Day – 15
Make A Hat Day – 15
Felt Hat Day – 15
Big Whopper Liar Day – 15
Boys’ and Girls’ Club Day for Kids – 15
Clean Up The World Weekend: 15-17
Google.com Day – 15
Greenpeace Day – 15
International Coastal Cleanup Day -15
International Day of Democracy -15
International Dot Day -15
International Eat An Apple Day – 15
Locate An Old Friend Day – 15
National 8-Track Tape Day – 15
National Cheese Toast Day – 15
National Clean Up Day – 15
National Gymnastics Day – 15
National On-line Learning Day – 15
National Seatcheck Saturday 2018 – 15
Puppy Mill Awareness Day – 15
Tackle Kids Cancer Day – 15
Farm Animal Awareness Week: 15-22

National Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Day – 16
National Guacamole Day – 16
Halfway to St Patricks Day – 16
American Legion Day – 16
Collect Rocks Day – 16
Step Family Day – 16
Mayflower Day – 16
Mexican Independence Day – 16
National Play Doh Day – 16
National Women’s Friendship Day – 16
Wife Appreciation Day – 16
Working Parents Day – 16
Anne Dudley Bradstreet Day – 16
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – 16
National Stepfamily Day – 16
National Tattoo Story Day – 16
Stay Away From Seattle Day – 16
Trail of Tears Commemoration Day – 16
Balance Awareness Week: 16-22
Build A Better Image Week: 16-22
International Clean Hands Week: 16-22
National Farm & Ranch Safety and Health Week: 16-22
National Historically Black Colleges & Universities Week: 16-22
National Indoor Plant Week: 16-22
National Rehabilitation Awareness Week:16-22
National Security Officer Appreciation Week: 16-22
National Love Your Files Week: 16-22
National Singles Week:16-22
Tolkien Week: 16-22


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