Spuccadella Thursday / 9-27-18

Spuccadella Thursday EveryOne
What a great day to be alive and well, Ok so think if the alternatives, and as I have said before when someone says today good to see you, you need to respond better to be seen than viewed. So with all that, what other reasons is it a great day? You could get out of bed, you could stand (regardless of how wobbly it is), you could get dress as you wish, you could get a breakfast for most of you, you can look outside and see and hear the birds and the squirrels. You have a job to go to or are blessed enough to be retired, You have a roof over your head and the list goes on and on and on. As we work our way through today pulling together all the ropes and lines we have out, as we work our way off this mountain and out past the tree line may we do all with a smile on our face and an attitude of gratitude. Be sure not to wallow with pigs or trot with the turkeys, but keep you eyes up and your head above the clouds and learn to soar with the eagles. Now let’s get them hikers on and take hold that staff and get to the line. Along the way be ready to lend a hand at any moment to help those with much less hope then you and in desperate time and see them to a place they can get the help they need. Now let’s get this day moving and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Waddling Penguin
Steve GImmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chocolate Milk Day
National Corned Beef Hash Day
Crush a Can Day
Ancestor Appreciation Day
Google’s Birthday
Remember Me Thursday
World Maritime Day
World Tourism Day


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