Winnowing Wednesday / 10-3-18

Winnowing Wednesday EveryOne
Hump Day, Hill Topper Day, Up and Over Day, Half Way Day, and a host of others. All I know is that when we get to the hop of this mountain and start down the other side we are closer to the finish line than we are from the starting line. So this in and of itself is a point to get excited about this morning. The air is crisp, the sky is blue and we have so much to be grateful for as in we have been able to sleep in a warm comfortable bed (ok some of you need new mattresses but come on, it’s not on a hard ground on a tarp if your lucky.) When we woke up we were able to get dressed as we chose, we were able to get a breakfast if we wanted, an we can get in our vehicles and drive to our jobs, or if retired go for the coffee and donuts if so wants to. The point is whatever is needed to find the inspiration to get it going we really don’t have far to look. Too often we get up with a grump in our voice and a gimp in our step and feels the world owes us when in fact they world owes us nothing and we owe it everything and need to do all we can to give back. Life is not what we get out it but what we give into it. So as we pull on the hikers and take hold that staff, knowing that somewhere out there we will come on those in hurting needy ways and it will be to us to take the time to stop and listen and see that they get to the next stop for the help they need. So with all that let’s put on that smile and wipe that frown away, and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, cause we know no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Soft Taco Day
National Carmel Custard Day
National Kale Day (Yuck)
Techies Day
Coffee With A Cop Day
Balloons Around The World Day
National Boyfriends Day
National Pumpkin Seed Day
Pet Obesity Awareness Day
Virus Appreciation Day
Walk To School Day
No Salt Week: 3-10
Adopt A Dog Month
Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
AIDS Awareness Month
American Pharmacists Month
Antidepressant Death Awareness Month
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month
Bat Appreciation Month
Black Speculative Fiction Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bullying Prevention Month
(World) Blindness Awareness Month
Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month
Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month
Children’s Magazine Month
Christmas Seal Campaign
Church Library Month
Church Safety and Security Month
Class Reunion Month
Contact Lens Safety Month
Co-op Awareness Month
Country Music Month
Cut Out Dissection Month

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