Forastero Friday / 10-5-18

Forastero Friday EveryOne
Jump Up, Jump Up, Jump Up and get it going. Jump Up, Jump Up, Jump and get it going. It’s Friday folks and we have some boogalooing to do. So do what you got, do what you must, but do it quickly and do it now cause we gonna do the two step boogie all day long. Can you believe it, did you actually think this day would come, I can tell you I had my doubts but it is here and we is gonna take it to the house. Now first things first dump those hikers to the back of the closet or put them out in the garage or back step to air out and put the staff away we will not be needing it and pull those sprinters on and pick out a good visor. Oh the theme? You want to know? Really? Ok, Ok, they are all chocolate terms, you can google each one and find our more about them. Now just because it is Friday does not mean we get a break from helping others so keep your eyes and ears open and when the opportunity opens up do good and move on. Now when we get to the line, this is a dessert race today, sun baked, parched, heat penetrating, growling run every step of the way. But we have one goal and that is to make it to the finish line, the goal line, the checkered flag, the,, oh you get the point. Whatever you got to picture in your mind to get to you focused on finishing strong do it. We need quantity today but it can not be done without quality. This is not a smash and dash game, a bash and crash, it’s no demolition derby, it’s a race that requires skill, thinking, hard work, and the best effort we can give. But when we finish we will be on the top of the pile, the tip of the party and ready for some serious relaxation. So are you ready? Are you up for the challenge today? Well ready or not here it comes, so let’s go take this day by storm and while we are at it go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Apple Betty Day
Rocky Mountain Oyster Day ( I’ll pass thank you )
Do Something Nice Day
World Smile Day
World Teacher’s Day
Chic Spy Day
Get Funky Day
International Day of No Prostitution
Kids Music Day
Lee’s National Denim Day
Manufacturing Day
National Body Language Day
National Diversity Day
Cephalopod Awareness Day
National Storytelling Weekend: 5-7

National Noodle Day – 6
Come and Take it Day – 6
International Frugal Fun Day – 6
Mad Hatter Day – 6
Physician Assistant Day 6
World Card Making Day – 6
American Libraries Day – 6
Inter-American Water Day – 6
Jackie Mayer Rehab Day – 6
National German-American Day – 6
National Plus Size Appreciation Day – 6
World Card Making Day – 6
World Porridge Day – 6
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: 6-14
National Physicians Assistant Week: 6-12
Old-time Fiddler Days: 6-7

National Frappe Day – 7 (for real this time)
Bald and Free Day
Oktoberfest in Germany ends – 7, date varies
Change A Light Day – 7
Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day – 7
Intergeneration Day – 7
International African Diaspora Day – 7
International Blessings of The Fishing Fleet Day – 7 (South Africa)
LED Light Day – 7
National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day – 7
National Forgiveness Day – 7
National Inner Beauty Day – 7
National Personal Safety Day – 7
World Communion Day – 7
You Matter To Me Day – 7
4-H Week: 7-13
Death Penalty Focus Week: 7-13
Fire Prevention Week: 7-13
Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week: 7-13
Great Books Week: 7-13
International Post Card Week: 7-13
Mental Illness Awareness Week: 7-13
Mystery Series Week: 7-13
National Carry A Tune Week: 7-13
National Metric Week: 7-13
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week : 7-13
Teen Read Week: 7-13

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