Turban Tuesday / 10-9-18

Turban Tuesday EveryOne
Welcome back my friends to a show that seems to never end, WORK. It’s for many of us a thing that we don’t to do, but know we must do to support the things we like to do or think we think we need. More of us are doing jobs we did not go to school to do, we feel that we are trapped in for one reason or another. And heaven knows too many of us feel that we will be stuck working way past what we think we should. Not that we don’t want to work, or just be lazy, but we would rather be doing what we went to school for, what we enjoy doing, what energizes us or inspires us to be doing. So it is through these choppy waters that I try to give us a day to day boost, a morning by morning zing, a pock, a jab to keep us looking at the positive, moving in a forward direction, and keeping our eyes looking upwards and onwards. There are some out there that will read a few of these and not get it, see it as morning foolishness and wasted time and effort then turn and go grumble their way through the day not caring who they drag down with them to waddle in their own misery. So keep your spirits up, no running with the rodents but fly with and where eagles fly and may the outcomes of your efforts be rewarded any way it comes. Now let’s get the hikers on, take hold the staff and get out the door. Be open to anyone great or small that needs help and lend whatever hand you can and see them to the next care center. Now we need to hustle and join the party at the starting line and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy and grab someone along the way to share the joys that loves company at every step and turn along the way.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Moldy-Cheese Day
National Pizza and Beer Day
National Hoagy/Sub/Hero/Grinder Day
Curious Events Day
Fire Prevention Day
Leif Erikson Day
Ada Lovelace Day
National Pro-Life Cupcake Day
National Face Your Fears Day
Nautilus Night (Cephalopods)
World Child Development Day
World Post Day
World Rainforest Week: 9-14
Learn To Bowl Month
Long Term Care Planning Month
Month of Free Thought


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