Golden Delicious / 10-12-18

Golden Delicious Friday to you EveryOne
Well who can’t get up and going on a day like today. Rain, Shine, Fog, or any other form of precipitation I really don’t care cause it’s FRIDAY. That’s right folks, the day we have been striving for since Monday morning when this whole thing started. So get your grungy brain out of it cozy bed and let’s get this day rocking. This is not a day to be lazy, find a rocking chair on the porch or a hammock in the grove to hide in. No, no, no this is a massive go get em type of day with no holding back on anything. (Oh your looking for theme of the week? Try Gourds & Squashes good theme for this time of year.) Anyway, put the hikers away they will only hold you back and slow you down, and pull out the sprinters and lace them up well. Put the staff in the holder and get out a good visor and sun lotion cause we is going to need it. This day is for dessert running, salt flats sprinting, pushing it to the limits run through unearthly conditions and inhuman elements. Fridays are a blast, but can feel like a furnace blast. We have lots to do, and we need to do it with an attitude of gratitude and a work ethic that is beyond nothing. We need quality with quantity and we needed it done 10 minutes ago all day long. So focus on the goal, focus on finishing, focus on doing what needs done, and that includes helping those who have fallen on hard times along our way. Take the time to help and to see them to the next help center, than move on. We need to finish strong today but we need to do with a smile on our face and a sun burst in our hearts. We need to give and forget getting, as giving will have it’s own rewards. Now let’s get this day going and go make us a most Happy, Happy not just for today but all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Gumbo Day
Pumpkin Pie Day
World Egg Day
Cookbook Launch Day
Old Farmer’s Day
Moment of Frustration Day
Columbus Day: (Traditional)
Day of the Six Billion
Drink Local Wine Day
Free Thought Day
International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
National Family Bowling Day
National Farmer’s Day
National Savings Day
Spanish Language Day
Stem Cell Awareness Day
World Arthritis Day
Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week: 12-20

National Peanut Festival – 13
National Pumpkin Festival – 13
Yorkshire Pudding Day – 13
National M&M Day – 13
International Skeptics Day – 13
Costume Swap Day – 13
English Language Day – 13
Fall Astronomy Day – 13
I Love Yarn Day – 13
International Day for Disaster Reduction – 13
International African Penguin Awareness Day – 13
International Day for Failure – 13
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day – 13
National Chess Day – 13
National Motorcycle Ride Day – 13
National No Bra Day – 13
Navy Birthday – 13
Silly Sayings Day – 13
Universal Music Day – 13

National Dessert Day – 14
National Chocolate Covered Insects Day – 14
Be Bald and Free Day – 14
Clergy Appreciation Day (or Pastor Appreciation Day or Ministry Appreciation Day) – 14
Father-Daughter Day – 14
Pickle Day – 14
Spider-Man Day – 14
World Standards Day – 14
Bullying Bystanders Unite Week: 14-20
Drink Local Wine Week: 14-20
Earth Science Week: 14-20
Emergency Nurses Week: 14-20
National Chestnut Week: 14-20
International Infection Prevention Week: 14-20
Mediation Week: 14-20
National Food Bank Week: 14-20
Veterinary Technicians Week: 14-20

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