Bergamot Monday / 10-15-18

Bergamot Monday EveryOne
Hello, good morning, Hi-de-ho, welcome, bonjour, greetings, however you say it we have arrived to another Monday morning and we are raring to go, I think? So get them peepers open and get your brain in gear, we have a mountain to climb and a trail to blaze. It’s time to grab those hikers and get them pulled on and take hold that staff, the path is full of critters that would just love to distract us and cause us to lose focus on what is needed this day. Now the bunnies and squirrels I’m not so worried about, but it’s the slithery things and the smelly things that make me go hum. The work world is full of those who would rather see us dragged and held back to their level then succeed and make something of themselves. So put a smile on the face cause they hate happy people and get that attitude of gratitude going and you will be more than halfway to defeating those who are the varmints of life. Along the way we will come on those who are in great need, be prepared to stop, listen and help in any way we can and see them to the next care station. Now let’s get this day rolling and go make us a most Happy, Happy and share the joy wherever go.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:

National Mushroom Day
National Red Wine Day
National Roast Pheasant Day
National Chicken Cacciatore Day
White Cane Safety Day
Blind Americans Equality Day
Global Handwashing Day
International Day of Rural Women
I Love Lucy Day
National Aesthetician Day
National Cake Decorating Day
National Cheese Curd Day
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
National Grouch Day
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day
Choose To Be G.R.E.A.T. Week: 15-19
International Dyslexia Association Reading Week: 15-19
Medical Assistants Recognition Week: 15-19
National Health Education Week:15-19
National Nuclear Science Week: 15-19
National School Bus Safety Week: 15-19
YWCA Week Without Violence: 15-19

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