Flame Wednesday / 10-24-18

Flame Wednesday EveryOne
Well we have come to that fun day that we need to turn up the flame and blaze this trail till the smoke can be seen all the way to the end to let them know we are coming. By mid-day we are going to be closer to the end than to the beginning and we are tearing it up so far and we are not gonna stop till we take it to the house. So get them bunny slippers off the feet and get them hikers on, and get hold that staff like it’s your only lifeline. There is no tip toeing through any tulip patches today, although I think there might be a few briar patches, just hoping brother bear is not bumbling his way through there to the bee hive for his honey fix. Now when we finally get to the to of the dirt hill you need to take the time to look back and note just how far we have come, then turn and mentally map out where we need to go, then get a go on it cause that ain’t the end of the day. Now along the was we will encounter those in a bad hurting way, it is to us to stop, listen and help in any way we can, then see them to the next care center. Now we need to collect ourselves, like there are pieces of us scattered all over the floor or something, and make our way to the starting line. Cause we is gonna go out and kick some behind and make us a most Happy, Happy along the way, all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Bologna Day
Feast of Good & Plenty
United Nations Day
Food Day
Unity Day
World Development Information Day
Disarmament Week: 24-30
Prescription Errors Education & Awareness Week: 24-31
World Origami Days: 24-11/11


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