Bourbon Red Wednesday / 11-21-18

Bourbon Red Wednesday EveryOne
Wow can you believe it? This is it, this is the sprint for the finish. There is no looking back and we are not even off this hill. No changing out the hikers this week, so let’s get those things yanked on and take hold that staff. We are on the way down the rest of the way off this mountain and out past the tree line to the finish line. The sun is up and shining, there is air is crisp. The posies are all gone and most the leaves are off the trees, but we have a mission to complete, a journey to conclude and a finish that needs done with quality and efficiency. We need to see that all the ends are brought to a close and the there is no room for quitting or giving up. We need to trudge through those leaves, scramble over and around those loose rocks and make our way past the straggling turkeys. The end is near and we need to give it all we’ve got all the way to the end. Now again, hardship, hurting, pain does not take a break or a holiday so be aware for those that will need our help as we travel along today and be ready to stop and help in any way we can. Now time to get to the line and let’s make it a day to remember and a Thanksgiving that really is something to give thanks about. Now time to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all holiday weekend long, and share it, share it, share it. Oh the Theme? Types of Turkeys of Turkey Breeds. GOBBLE GOBBLE.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi
Holidays & Observances: Thanksgiving Holiday Extended Weekend
National Cranberry Day
National Gingerbread Cookie Day
False Confession Day
National Tie One On Day – day before Thanksgiving
World Hello Day
Alascattalo Day (About Alaska & humor)
Mawlid Al Nabi
National Red Mitten Day (Canada)
World Television Day
National Jukebox Day
Tie One On Day
National Deal Week: 21-27

National Cranberry Relish Day – 22
Thanksgiving – 22
Go For A Ride Day – 22
National Day of Mourning – 22
Turkey-free Thanksgiving – 22 (Not for Me)

National Espresso Day – 23
National Cashew Day – 23
National Eat a Cranberry Day – 23
Buy Nothing Day – 23
You’re Welcome Day – 23
Black Friday – 23
Buy Nothing Day: 23-24
Doctor Who Day – 23
Fibonacci Day – 23
Flossing Day – 23
Fur Free Friday – 23 Link
International Image Consultant Day – 23
Maize Day – 23
National Day of Listening – 23
National Native American Heritage Day – 23
Sinkie Day – 23 (You’ll have to look it up)
You’re Welcomegiving Day – 23

National Sardines Day – 24
All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day – 24
Evolution Day – 24
Brownielocks Day – 24
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day – 24
D.B. Cooper Day – 24
International Aura Awareness Day – 24
Random Acts of Kindness Friday – 24
Small Business Saturday – 24

National Parfait Day – 25
National “Eat with a Friend” Day – 25
Blase’Day – 25
Crystal Skull World Day – 25
International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day – 25
International Hat Day – 25
Shopping Reminder Day – 25

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