Old Traditional Thursday / 12-20-18

Old Traditional Thursday EverOne
Sorry folks but the Silent Night is done and Morning Has Broken, so rise and shine and give some glory cause we are another day closer to the weekend. Yes folks it is all down hill from here on out but the path is wet and icy and treacherous. We have to get off this mountain and past the tree line today, the zip line is not usable, the catapult is not functioning and the Bobsled run is not close enough to get to. So we are on our own and we need to keep our heads down and our feet moving. There is so much going on today but we have got to keep it positive, and keep the sunshine beaming. But we are getting nowhere if we don’t get those hikers on and take hold that staff. I think I heard someone say that skies might me a better option today but there is more mud than that white stuff and mud boarding is not recommended. So what is our agenda today? To get all the massive projects we have going on headed in the right direction, Weed our what ones are doing well and feed them and the ones that are dying and cut them off. Make wise decisions that will set us up for a clean finish tomorrow and and be diligent in all you do. Now we are still on the alert for those in dire need along our path, and when we come to them, stop, listen, lend a hand, then see them to the next port of care, then move on, expect nothing, be humble and know you just did what needed done.
I know that many of you read some of these and go, he repeats the themes over and over, he says the same thing, really? Well I agree with you, I do, but we need continually reminded of the basics, we still have to get up every morning, we still have the same challenges, we still need the same reminders that what we are doing still needs done, is still important, and life still needs lived. Sounds boring? Life is sometimes, but it is also what we make it. So even though the game is still the same, life goes on and stuff still happens, we can all know that we are not the only ones experiencing issues in life.
Now we need to get this show going, so let’s get it to the line and go make us a most Happy, Happy as we know, no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Sangria Day
Go Caroling Day
Free Shipping Day
Games Day
International Human Solidarity Day
Mudd Day
National Re-gifting Day
National Sangria Day
Poet Laureat Day
World Day of Prayer and Action for Children


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