Silent Night Wednesday / 12-26-18

Silent Night Wednesday EveryOne
So Christmas has come but has it gone yet, while the business world has done the politically correct thing and cut the time off to the most minimum they can get away with. The almighty dollar more sacred than reason for the season. Wednesdays we are normally talking about climbing mountains, planting flags, crossing the divide and moving off the other side. I understand from the work world some of us are required to be at out stations, putting in the hours and expecting output. When in reality Silent Night Holy Night continues to ring softly in our some of our ears and Angles are still singing on high, only problem is no one is listening any more as our lives have become too busy for such a one in a lowly manager. So as those of us do our best to concentrate on what is required to complete a days work with respect may we continue to remember that the season is not ending but just starting. There is a reason for what we are doing, not for the corporate world but a much bigger picture. May the hope of an insignificant star many years ago ignite in us something more that just another religious ceremony or ritual. May it give us hope for the future, for what we do what we do, day in and day out, and may it give us a reason to go forward each day of the year. Have a great and wonderful in all you do today, remember to lend a hand to those less fortunate, and be ready to share a smile and some sunshine in all you do today.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Candy Cane Day
Boxing Day
National Thank-you Note Day
National Whiner’s Day
Kwanzaa: 26-1/1

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