Salmon Thursday / 2-28-19

Salmon Thursday EveryOne
Do ya feel like a fish swimming upstream this morning? Is that stream partially frozen? Did those dam beavers build a dam halfway update stream and block your way to the path? Well, time to put these dam beavers out of business and turn our focus on stop going upstream when the goal is down hill off the mountain and out past the tree line. So let’s get out of that water-ery bed that you are so lazily still laying in mentally and get those feel firmly planted on the ground. Then find those hikers and slip those feet in and lace them up well, and find that staff as we may need to fend off the wild critters today. Thursday the workhorse day of the week, the make it happen day, the organization day, the, the, the, you call it what you want, we all know what it ultimately is, the day to cut your losses and focus the rest on coming together. Sounds cruel to some degree but is what it is and it is business. We can not keep dragging dead wood around and we will need to make good on what is going right. Now with all that as we go along today we will come on those in deep dire need of a lending hand. We will stop and we will listen to the needs and help in whatever way we can then see them to the next care station and move on. Our job is done now pick up our packs and get moving again, let others speak of us and the things we do, not run our own lips on deaf ears, as it means nothing. Now let’s get back to this morning and get our eyes and head focused on the job that needs done, and not get hooked on misleading directions. Put those bad thoughts behind us and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long as no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chocolate Souffle Day
Floral Design Day
Public Sleeping Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
Digital Learning Day: 28 Link {From March}
National Chili Day: 28 (Last Thursday) Link
Rare Disease Day

Living Life on Cape Cod & Honey Pear Crisp / 2-27-19

There are some weeks that come easier than others, then there are weeks like this that are just plain exhausting. Since the first of the year I have been blessed to work many hours of overtime in my job, and although it is a computer based job the thinking end of it just wipes me out, also sitting for extended hours is not that great for a post back surgical condition. Ya, ya, ya I know it is great thought to get up every 20 or 30 minutes, but production is money and money is the name of the game. And for those of us who have worked so much overtime over the past years have come to a point of depending on it, vs being able to put it ahead. That was great the first year or two but after 25 to 30 of it you take it just like part of your regular pay. I have a contractor friend of mine who observed me one day and after wards he was talking about the differences in fatigue. He told me he would take his any day of the week as when he gets done work, he is done and after a hot shower or bath can sit down and relax and recoup. Seeing me, he asks if my mind ever really shuts down and truth be told no. To which he said that was his point. So as you see, if you live on the Cape, you are not alone in having to “work” for a living. You are not alone having to put in the long hours to make it. But we still love being part of this place, but I would prefer it be in the high 50s to mid-60s. For those of you who think living on the Cape is all play, well this is a reality check that many of us are just as much of a working stiff as you are. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and mortgages to meet. The only difference is we get the smell salt air, feel the sand under our feet and enjoy the scenery of the Cape every minute of every day. Ok so that is a big deal LOL. But really? Life goes on and we all have our jobs to do and find a way to push through another day. I hope you find your own rest and peace form day to day and are able to come visit us soon. And to those who live here, know you are not alone in your daily routine, but we can say we get to enjoy life, right here on old Cape Cod.
This week’s local business report will focus more on Honey this week than any thing else. Places where you can get and and folks who make. The Cape with it’s abundance of Cranberry bogs and, beach plums, and other local vegetation makes it a prime spot for the bees to live and do their bee things, which includes for the most part, making honey. But first I have an update on a newer business I reported on just a couple weeks ago, Shoal Hope Ciderworks out of the Provincetown. They have made a wicked awesome announcement that as of March 8th they will be opening a taproom within Cape Cod Beer. That is right folks starting March 8th our good friends at Cape Cod Beer will be helping our Shoal Hope Ciderworks with some space to pour the hard cider. So go and check him out and, this stuff is wicked awesome. This makes a great pairing as in my house the Mrs is not an enjoyer of beer, but loves hard cider, while for me cider is a good change up to my love for beer. Yaah to both.
Now on to a very sweet subject, honey producers of Cape Cod, here again I am going to be giving a list of makers and if I have an any cross-references I will put with on where to find. Now on with the show:
E & T Farms in West Barnstable –
Punkhorn Farm in Brewster – on facebook
Not Enough Acres Farms in Dennis – on Sesuit Neck Rd.
Eldridge Farm in Brewster –
Rocky Bottum Apiaries in East Sandwich – on Old Country Rd
Narrow Land Farm in East Sandwich – on Gully Lane
Cedar Spring Herb Farm in Harwich –
Little Pamet Farm in Truro –
Longnook Meadows Farms in Truro –
Bee Boss Honey Co in Harwich –
Little River Beeworks in Cotuit –
Crow Farm in Sandwich –
Ok that’s it and this does not even start to scratch the surface of the small Mom/Pop yard sale folks that are putting out some very good products. So where ever you are driving around the Cape keep your eyes open for that wonderful golden deliciousness known as honey.
Well hello my friends, how are you holding up with this yo-yo weather of ours. I have heard reports of the flue bug going around and pray you have stayed away from it. This time of year with the number of people down, and the full interior tours down that helps us stay away from a lot of you that have to work in offices and out in the public, especially if you are around a lot of kids. But it is what it is and we deal with it. The wind has been our enemy, and this past several days has just been wicked. Wind can be just as damaging as the waves can be and since last time we had a super snow moon which did add an extra dimension to the tides. These super moons always scare me, most would think high tides are the biggest threat, to me low tides are with unseen sandbars or changes in channels showing up where they have not been before or due to the super lows are now exposed. Fortunately I did not hear of any issues around the cape, although the high winds also helped to keep the questionables in where they belong. As far as what else is going on around here, we are getting a lot of the repairs done that we do every year this time, and I am having to make up for last year being away from this place. Yes I will admit it was nice to get away for a bit, but I think next time it will be much shorter time. The lamp room has held her own so far and we have not had many issues with extra critters. Although this year I have not spotted any of my Snowy Owl friends who have not been shown up as they have in the past years. I have heard there has been one or two sightings and a couple more out one the Islands but not so much here. I have had a couple visit us right up outside the lamp room. So that is the excitement of the week around here. I hope you are starting to make your plans to come to the Cape this summer and come visit us. But for now, the sun is getting low and I still need to finish a few projects so keep warm, stay healthy and just have fun living life, especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod.
Since it is still cooler weather season, Ok cold season I wanted to go with a more hearty fruit for the dessert of the month and something that was not a common but still simple to make. Crisps and Crumbles fit that equation very well. So we all have heard of Apple Crisp, Peach, Cherry, and Berry Crisps but Pears sometimes get the short end of the stick because some think they lack taste. I like them because they have great taste and are not harsh to work with. So bring it on for a Honey Pear Crisp.

This week’s recipe: Honey Pear Crisp

5 cups pears, diced, Anjous or Bosc
1/3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 cups honey
1 tbsp cornstarch
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
pinch salt

For the Topping
3/4 cup white whole wheat or all-purpose flour
2/3 cup quick oats
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp salt
1/3 cup butter, cold and cut into pieces

Preheat oven to 350. Lightly spray or grease an 9×9 inch baking dish. Combine lemon juice, honey and pinch of salt together in a bowl. Toss dices pear pieces to lightly coat. Sprinkle cornstarch, cinnamon and nutmeg over pears. Gently stir to coat. In a separate bowl whisk together flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Pour filling into baking dish then sprinkle on topping. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until filling is bubbly and topping is golden brown. Allow to cool slightly before serving warm.

Dew Wednesday / 2-27-19

Dew Wednesday EveryOne
What is up with the birds getting up earlier and earlier, and that light in the sky that seems to be trying to break through the clouds. The only benefit to winter that I see is that the birds sleep longer and sun does not wake me up as early. However let’s face it, that sun brings warmth and if I have to be up and about I want to feel that sunshine warmth coming through the windows. But this time of year all I get is noisy birds and the light as the angle of the sun does nothing to bring any warmth. And besides when the clouds want to hang around that really is a bummer. But this is Wednesday and we have but one goal in mind, and that is to get up, get going and fly higher than the birds today as we will top the peak of this mountain and get heading down the backside. The trek up is not easy but when we get to the top and take one step over the line we will be closer to the finish line then back to the starting line. This day is full of challenges but the rewards can be more than the challenges and we need to embrace all the opportunities that are given to us. So let’s get those hikers pulled on and laced up and grab hold that staff as we will need it today. The need of those along the way are no less today than any other so keep your eyes and ears open for those in need and stop when recognized and help in whatever way we an then see them to the next care center. Then once we are back on the path, let’s get it focused back on the trail to finish strong through the end of the day. Now let’s get this parade going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Strawberry Day
National Kahlua Day
Polar Bear Day
No Brainer Day
Anosomia Awareness Day
International Polar Bear Day
World NGO Day
Pink Shirt Day
Inconvenience Yourself Day
World Retrospective Day
National Retro Day

Bear Tuesday / 2-26-19

Bear Tuesday EveryOne
One day down and another is dawning as the sun tries to crack the sky. Sometimes it takes all within in just to get my behind out of bed on a Tuesday more than any other day of the week. The weekend firebox has finally burned out and is cold, the muscles and joints are anything but willing and ready to go. And the brain, let’s not go there as it has melted like cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. But it’s Tuesday and life goes on, and we must function, and make the most of what we have. We have life, we have breath, we that thought, we have feelings, we have abilities, the question is not how much of which do we have left but what are we going to do with whatever we have left. We need to dig deep and pull out whatever happens to be there and put it back into the firebox and get it going again. This journey has already begone, we don’t have a redo button till next week. There is only one way to go and that is onward, it is just how are you going to do it. The first thing is to get those hikers on and take hold that staff, and after that head on out to the starting line. We know we need to get this show going, and we know that along the way we will be encountering those in a much worse hurting way than we are. They will be beaten, downtrodden, hurt physically and mentally, they will need all our attention to listen, decipher then then help in whatever way we can then see them to the next care center, then move on. The day is not getting any younger and we have a job to complete today so let’s, get a move on it and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Stephen Gimmi

Holiday Observances:
National Pistachio Day
Carnival Day
Tell a Fairy Tale Day
National Personal Chef’s Day
For Pete’s Sake Day
Levi Strauss Day
Spay Day USA
International Petroleum Week: 26-28

Cloud Monday / 2-25-19

Cloud Monday EveryOne
Hello Morning, Hello Sun, Ain’t no sunshine when you allow them clouds to stick around and darken your day. So let’s get this day hopping and chase those clouds away. Mondays for many are nothing more than a humdrum blue Monday, but does it have to be? Why do we have to allow this day to dictate to us what it is going to be for us when we actually have the choice to make it what we want it to be? It is the beginning to a new journey, a new adventure, a new start, full of opportunities and possibilities. So what’s are we waiting for? Let’s get those hikers on and take hold that staff and start heading towards the starting line. This is the last few days of this month and by the end we will be starting a new one. So we have so much to do, to accomplish, to get done. and we need to do what we can to give it our best. You know it’s coming and time it is, if we come on others that are in a hurting and true need way, we will take the time to stop and listen and help in any way we can. Then move on, that’s right do good and move on, we don’t do it for the spotlight, or any glory, We do it because we seek kindness, and goodness, and care about or brothers & sisters and brothers of humanity. We want to see others do well just as much as we want to do well, and know that at any given time we could be in their shoes. So we will be that helping hand whenever we can. Now with all that, let’s get this day rockin-n-rollin and go for the gusto and give it all we’ve got. We have a date with destiny and we are going to meet it head on. Now let’s get it on, and go make us a most Happy, Happy cause we know only we can do that for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day
National Clam Chowder Day
Pistol Patent Day
Museum Advocacy Day: 25-26
National Cupcake Day (Canada)
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 25-3/3
National Invasive Species Awareness Week: 25-3/1
Christmas 10 Mondays away.

Humboldt Fog / 2-22-19

Humboldt Fog Friday
Wake up, wake up, wake up, I feel like a Who from Whoville needing to bang on tom-toms or beating brass pans or the thought of rattling tin kettles is making my head want to hurt. But this is Friday and sleeping in is not on the agenda, so do what we must and do what we may but you people have got to get up on this glorious day. Please don’t make me blew on bazookas to blat blasts of toots, as it’s bad enough hearing cranberry cans clanking tween my ears, and who called for the clarinets and the flutes, whats next 76 trombones marching outside in a parade lead by 3 stinky elephants? Please don’t make me do it, but do it I will, cause this is the day we all strive to survive so we can finish with lots fun. (before I go too far, thank you Dr Seuss for your insight and fun.) So let’s get up and get going and do what we must, through those hikes of yours to the back of the box and put out those sprinters that shine like the sun. And put back that staff that we’ve leaned on so hard and put on that vizor to shade your poor eyes. (Oh ya the theme of the week are cheeses, good eating, yummy cheeses.) The travels we take today will be more like a sprint on a hot dessert floor than a stroll through the park with the birds all about. It will be hot and long, but we will endure, and when we cross that finish lines we will join a big party and have a weekend to enjoy. We must stay focused, we must finish strong, we can not give up and sacrifice quality for quantity. We must do all to the best of our abilities and give it all we’ve got, right to the end. Now remember that we still need to stay alert for those that need help, need our helping hand, need that encouragement, and when we come on those in true need, give them our time and any other help we can offer then see them to the next care center. Now before we forget what we are here to do, let’s get to the line and lets go, go, go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: Weekend Edition
National Margarita Day
National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
George Washington’s Birthday
Be Humble Day
International World Thinking Day
Walking the Dog Day
Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
National Wildlife Day
Skip The Straw Day
Tex Avery Day
Woolworth’s Day
World Thinking Day
Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering: 22-23

National Chili Day – 23
National Banana Bread Day – 23
Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – 23
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – 23
Open That Bottle Night – 23
Tennis Day – 23
Curling is Cool Day – 23
Diesel Engine Day – 23
International Sword Swallowers Day – 23
International Tongue Twister Day – 23
Iwo Jima Day (flag raised) – 23
National Tile Day – 23 Link
International Toast Day – 23
Open That Bottle Night – 23
Single Tasking Day – 23
Tootsie Roll Day – 23

National Tortilla Chip Day – 24
Oscar Night – 24
Academy Awards Night – 24
Forget Me Not Day – 24
National Dance Day – 24
World Bartender Day – 24
National Justice for Animals Week: 24-3/2
National Pasty Week: 24-3/2
Telecommuter Appreciation Week: 24-3/2

Taleggio Thursday / 2-21-19

Taleggio Thursday EveryOne
Ta-dah, ta-dah, ta-dah, It’ a wonderful wacky day in the neighborhood, but ready or not here it comes with all its knots and stumps and broken branches. Our mission today is to get off this mountain and out past the tree line before dark sets in and make it down without any broken bones or complete loss of mind. So before we loose control of things, let’s get those hikers pulled on and take hold of that staff as we are going to need it today. I have said and still hold to that Thursdays are the workhorse day of the week. It’s that day we need to round up all the loose ends, cut the projects are not going to pan our and reinforce the ones that are. We need to seek out those tail chasers, those choke weeds, those sap suckers and eradicate them, and take what’s left and get it going in the right direction. The journey for this week has gone though may trials and rough travels, but we are getting closer to the finish and we need to stay the course and keep on plowing forward. Life is not always easy and it is not what we do so much during the good times but what we do and how we handle the bad times. But there are those that the bod times have overcome them, and those that even worse has happened, When we come on them we will stop and lend a hand and listen and see them to the next care center. We are all one step, one heartbeat, one paycheck away from being in the same place so have some compassion and true concern is at the heart of our attention of those in need. Now, we need to turn our attention on getting going, finding that start line and setting our focus and eyes on what needs to be accomplished today and get to it. Let’s give it all we’ve got and in the process go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Pancake Day
National Sticky Bun Day
Card Reading Day
International Mother Language Day
Discover Girl Day
Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day
National Grain Free Day
The Great American Spit Out

Something Different & Easy Skillet Fish Dinner / 2-20-19

Normally I would give a story, a tip, something else. Today, is a little different, as we got the world this afternoon that my niece, at the age of 36 has passed away after a multiple years battle with cancer. She and her husband were pastors at a Presbyterian Church in New Jersey with 2 younger children. Life is not always fair, and this is one of those times that we all hate to hear about. My Mother, passed away at age 58 (also my age at the time or writing) of colon cancer, which was bad enough, then about 7 years ago we lost my younger sister at age 60, no kids and a performing pianist who perform internationally. My Father who is still with us at nearly age 92 is in fairly good health, hey look at any 92 year old jalopy and you’re going to find some things going on it no matter how good it looks LOL. But has now said goodbye to 2 wives, a daughter, and now a granddaughter. As I spoke to Dad today about my niece Becky passing away we both were able to reflect a bit, grieve, and laugh together. We understand that there is for many of us a higher calling and hope that this is not all there is, and our hope is not early based. This concept may be foreign to some, “too religious for others, and just ridiculous to others. But this is what we hold to, and it is what enables us to see past the ugly of today into the beauty of tomorrow. For us life is not necessarily about the finite, relatively short span we have here on this earth but about the infinite eternal with the one who made us. Some of us do not take the time to spend thinking much on this, we push it to the back of our minds, until something like this happens. But her and her husband were so committed to it that they gave their lives to spreading the hope of tomorrow and the peace of today in being co-pastors. Talk about were the rubber meets the road, do they abandon what they have believe because of caner or do they hold onto harder what they believe to give them comfort through it all. So young, so much from out eyes ahead, but the one who made her called her home. Now what do we do with it from there? Do we heed the call or do we craw back into our holes ignoring the signs hoping it never effects us. The bell will sound, the time will come, when the time is up, what will we give in accountability for what decisions we have chosen while here on this side of the eternal. Something to ponder, something to think about. death is not a lover of life and gives no regards to age, creed, religion, race, life’s preferences, it will come, what will be your response? I pray you do not have to deal with this, or that when the time comes your ending is a peaceful one, and until then you are able to live life to the fullest.
And may that fullest be able to include some wonderful times right here on old Cape Cod.
Local businesses, this week I have been really hungry to go out, first for breakfast and one of the places that I love to go to is the Hole-In-One in Orleans. Only problem is working so much during the week does not allow me to go out much. Working out of my home I do not go out and drive by someplace that I would stop in. So I have to plan my weekends and Saturday mornings is when I like to go and this time of year is the best because I don’t have to wait long so I get to sleep in longer before going to eat. Hole-in-One has great food, great baked goods and great atmosphere. And they have good parking out back and I have several different ways to get there. And best of all is they don’t brake my piggy bank to enjoy a good breakfast. All right in the heart of Orleans.
Another place we love to go to when we are out and about is DJ’s Family Sports Pub in Hyannis right behind the railroad tracks off Willow. My problem is I love their wings so much that I forget that have so much more. So from time to time I have to force myself to look at the rest of the menu, and behold the ribs, are total YUM, and their burgers are excellent as well. I could just go up and down the menu and brag on it all but hey, why don’t you just go and check them out for yourself, and don’t forget then do deliver (limited distance).
There are so many places I want to try and so little time and not enough money to do it with. If only I could win the lottery or make the right investments or, this or that or, or, or. Really? I also good well enough that why spend all my money on eating out when I can cook it myself. LOL. Anyway We all need a kitchen break from time to time so get out while you still can and visit some of our local best and enjoy a good meal out. We have so many excellent places that really there is no excuse to say you can’t find someplace good to eat.
Welcome my friends, and I hope that this visits finds you in good health. As we look at the wanters around Cape Cod, the months of February, March, and April seem to have been those that have seen the most in ship wrecks then other months. It is said on several sights that 50 mile stretch from off Chatham to around Provincetown contains over 3000 shipwrecks over the years. In February of 1942 it is suspected that a cargo ship went down as the result of being torpedoed. In February of 1952 a tanker broke up about a mile off Monomoy Island. And back in February of 1907 a schooner caught fire and sank northeast of Nobska Light. (You can check out Wikipedia, National Park Services Site and more on these and more.) Lately we have not had to worry about much going on around us and for that we are most grateful. But the dangers are still there and quite real to smaller crafts and fishing vessels and we need to keep them all in mind when this time of year comes round. We do not need any fatalities due to negligence or not being aware of the changes that have been going on through the winter months. The winds that howl echo the voices of too many spirits with unsettled business and seeking loved ones that gets very eerie sometimes, and we don’t need to add to those numbers. There are those evenings like this week with the rising of the full Snow Super moon that it seems to be the most active, and from time to time one can grab a glimpse of a spirit within the spray of the the beacon light, of the fog and haze that is illuminated by the light of the moon. They are there, then not, than a voice, a cry, then silence. You just feel bad for them hoping that sometime somewhere they can find what they are looking for and lay down for eternity in rest. Not all believe in these, but they have not spent much time with me is all I can say. Anyway, I hope the weather does not play bad tricks on you and take you places you wish not to go or end up in situations that are not of your planning. And may the winds be still and sun rise higher and higher and be the warmth on your back. Time to get back to the chores around this station, I hope you great week ahead of you and may it be even better if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
As I noted last month this year it is a surf & turf year, the odd months we will do turf and the even surf. So fish it is for this month. With as much as I cook and as much as my mother cooked, and knowing that I used to be a fish monger in a meat and fish market outside Philadelphia many years back, the one things I feel the least skilled at in the kitchen is cooking fish. This year I am looking to add more fish to my diet and not by going out more to eat either. A couple Sundays ago I got some monk fish and baked it and turned out pretty darn good if I don’t say so myself. But I will be seeking out other recipes like the one I have today to offer. Also sheet-pan, one pot/pan, and even crockpot seafood recipes. My all time favorite however is the oven just because of the ease of it and the lower calories. So, I hope you join me this year as I get more comfortable with cooking seafood, cause we know I have no problems eating it. Now on with the show:

This week’s recipe: Easy Skillet Fish Dinner

2 ribs celery, chopped
1 cup green pepper, chopped
1 cup onion, chopped
2 tsp olive or canola oil
4 each plum tomatoes, chopped
1/2 tsp salt
dash pepper
1 lb cod, haddock, or other white fish
1/2 tsp seafood seasoning (my favorite Old Bay)
Hot cooked rice
Hot pepper sauce

In a skillet, saute celery, green pepper, and onion in oil until almost tender. Add tomatoes; cook and stir for 1-2 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top with fish fillets and sprinkle with seafood seasoning. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 6 minutes. Break fish into chunks. Cook about 3 minutes longer or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Service over rice. Service with hot pepper sauce if you like.

Abertam Wednesday / 2-20-19

Abertam Wednesday EveryOne
A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-Wednesday it must be. (Thank you Lion King Song), So time to get up and be a Weeble that may Wobble but does not fall done, regardless of the rocks and rubble and grubble we need to climb over and around and through to get to the top of this hill. It has been one long week already but by the half way mark of today we will be halfway through the week. One step over the line sweet Jesus, One step over the line, (Thank you Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) we will be closer to the finish line that we will be to the starting line. So let’s get those hikers pulled on and take hold of that staff and our pack and let’s go getter done. Yes we will need to be aware of those who are in deeper need than us and be open to stopping and listing and lending a hand to help in whatever way we can. Then moving on and making the most of what is before us. So remember when we get to the top of the mountain take the time to look back and note just how far we really have made it to this point, then turn and survey where we need to go and then move off the backside of the mountain cause the day will only be half way done. Now we have a job to do , and we need to do it to the best of our abilities, and we need to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cherry Pie Day
National Muffin Day
Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
World Day for Social Justice
Love Your Pet Day
American Birkenbreiner Race: 20-24

Emmental Tuesday / 2-19-19

Emmental Tuesday EveryOne
So you decided to come back for another round of torment today, LOL after yesterday I think some of us would rather be seeing this as Friday and not Tuesday, but life is what life is and we must go one. Time to stop and take account of some things, first most of us had a warm house we are in, we have food in our refrigerator, we have cloths to wear, we are not living in fear of our lives looking for a refugee camp for shelter and the list goes on. So what the heck are we hubba-ba-looing about, we need to pull on our big boy and big girt plants, pull on those hikers take hold of that staff and get it going. We should be so grateful to have a chance at what is before us, a new adventure, a new journey, new opportunities, why do are we so down? Why are we so in the dumpers? We need to take this week by the horns and ride this bull all the way to the end. Yes along the way we are going encounter those in much deeper pain then we are, and yes we will take the time to stop and listen and help in any way we can and see them to the next care center. Then we will move on and keep it going, not cause we want to but because we need to and are able to do. Regardless of what has happened, is happening or will happen we will keep it going and make the best of whatever comes our way. Now, let’s get it together and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances
National Chocolate Mint Day
Best Friends Day
National Lashes Day
Iwo Jima Day (Landing)
Travel Africa Day
Vet Girls Rock Day
American Camp Week: 19-22
Kitchen and Bath Show Week: 19-21