Fireworks Friday / 2-1-19

Fireworks Friday EveryOne
Woo Hoo, and Amen Rise and Shine and give some glory for just making it to this far. We need to get those peepers open and get those bones and joints moving. We have a long journey to reach our home outpost. We will need all the speed we can get and all the dexterity and agility our bodies will give us. Although the heavens are mostly clear between here and there, there are still those who do not want to see us finish our tasks. Stay alert and stay on top of your job and the things you need to get accomplished. We will be running the rabbit line today, going before the freighters, tankers and schooners that need to get through to the end, so we will be drawing the fire to keep them safe through to the end. (Theme for the week you ask? All are different kinds of Orchids LOL Yup each one, go figure). So get the lighter jumpsuit on, you need to be as free to move about as you can. We will be running the Sky Fighters and Cruisers today and we will need all the help we can get. Headgear, your pick but make sure your communicators are working well. This is the First day of a new month, but in reality it is the final to last months travels. Give it all you’ve got, make it the best that you have to offer and be ready to offer both quality and quantity in all you do. There are no days off for the hurting the weary, the trodden, the depressed, the weak, nor will we take a day off from offering our help to them in any way that we are able and see them to the home outpost. So be ready when you seen them or hear their destress call and go help. Now this is it for the week, let’s get to the docking platform and get loaded and locked in and ready for action. Now let’s go have some fun and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances;
National Cake Pops Day
National Baked Alaska Day
National Dark Chocolate Day
Bubble Gum Day
National Freedom Day
No Politics Day
Candy-Making Day
Car Insurance Day
Change Your Password Day
Decorating With Candy Day
G.I. Joe Day
Give Kids A Smile Day
*Hula in The Coola Day: 1
International Day of Black Women in The Arts
International Face & Body Art Day
Freedom Day
National Get Up Day
Robinson Crusoe Day
Spunky Old Broads Day
Wear Red Day
Working Naked Day
World Hijab Day
US Snow Sculpting Week: 1-5
Women’s Heart Week: 1-7
Cordova Ice Worm Day: 1-3

National Tater Tot Day – 2
Candlemas (France) Crepes Day – 2
Heavenly Hash Day – 2
National Pisco Sour Dat: 2-4
Candlemas – 2
Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – 2
Ground Hog Day – 2
Ayn Rand Day – 2
Barber Day – 2
Candelmas – 2
Hedgehog Day – 2
Imbolc – 2
Marmot Day – 2
Sled Dog Day – 2
Take Your Child To The Library Day – 2
The Record of a Sneeze Day – 2
World Play Your Ukulele Day – 2
World Wetlands Day – 2
Publicity for Profit Week: 2-8

National Carrot Cake Day – 3
Feed the Birds Day – 3
Superbowl Sunday – Superbowl 53 – 3
The Day the Music Died – 3
Four Chaplains Memorial Day – 3
National Missing Person’s Day – 3
National Women’s Physicians Day – 3
Popcorn Day – 3
African Heritage & Health Week: 3-9
Dump Your Significant Jerk Week: 3-9
Burn Awareness Week: 3-9
Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week: 3-9

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