Hemp Monday / 2-4-19

Hemp Monday EveryOne
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you are not hung over form the game or for any other reason for that matter of fact. But the weekend is over, the Superbowl is behind us, and January is now nothing but a fading image in the rear view mirror. Today is a new day, the first full week of a new month that just happens to be the shortest, and new journeys and adventures that lie before us. So before you give up and crawl back under the covers. The temperatures are warming and the daytime light is getting longer. And remember the world does not stop spinning cause we don’t feel like it or feel like meeting the challenges before us. Life goes on and so must we, So as we contemplate this new mountain that lies before us, we might as well get those hikers on and pull out that staff as we will need it. As we climb today, this week, this month, we will come on many who are in dire need of help, encouragement and a hand to either get moving again or get to the next care station. We will stop, we will listen and we will lend that hand, as it is a basic of human life and brother and sisterhood that compels us to help one another in times of need. I could go into a more spiritual side of things but will save that for another time. Anyway it’s about that time to for the group to take off from the starting line so let’s get to the line and make the best of whatever comes out way. Now let’s get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, cause we know, no one else is going to do that for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Homemade Soup Day
National Stuffed Mushroom Day
Pork Rind Appreciation Day
Create a Vacuum Day
Thank a Mailman Day
Facebook’s Birthday
Liberace Day
Medjoola Date Day
National Hemp Day
Quacker Day
World Cancer Day
Children’s Mental Health Week: 4-10
National School Counseling Week: 4-8
International Networking Week: 4-8
Canned Food Month
National Chocolate Lovers Month
National Cherry Month
National Grapefruit Month
National Snack Food Month
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
National Hot Breakfast Month
Berry Fresh Month
Great American Pies Month
National Fiber Focus Month
National Fondue Month
National Heart Healthy Month
Potato Lovers Month
Sweet Potato Month


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