Bear Tuesday / 2-26-19

Bear Tuesday EveryOne
One day down and another is dawning as the sun tries to crack the sky. Sometimes it takes all within in just to get my behind out of bed on a Tuesday more than any other day of the week. The weekend firebox has finally burned out and is cold, the muscles and joints are anything but willing and ready to go. And the brain, let’s not go there as it has melted like cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. But it’s Tuesday and life goes on, and we must function, and make the most of what we have. We have life, we have breath, we that thought, we have feelings, we have abilities, the question is not how much of which do we have left but what are we going to do with whatever we have left. We need to dig deep and pull out whatever happens to be there and put it back into the firebox and get it going again. This journey has already begone, we don’t have a redo button till next week. There is only one way to go and that is onward, it is just how are you going to do it. The first thing is to get those hikers on and take hold that staff, and after that head on out to the starting line. We know we need to get this show going, and we know that along the way we will be encountering those in a much worse hurting way than we are. They will be beaten, downtrodden, hurt physically and mentally, they will need all our attention to listen, decipher then then help in whatever way we can then see them to the next care center, then move on. The day is not getting any younger and we have a job to complete today so let’s, get a move on it and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Stephen Gimmi

Holiday Observances:
National Pistachio Day
Carnival Day
Tell a Fairy Tale Day
National Personal Chef’s Day
For Pete’s Sake Day
Levi Strauss Day
Spay Day USA
International Petroleum Week: 26-28

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